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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 89

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 89
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 89

  1. A book is a sacred gift. ~ Unknown
  2. There is no great companion like a book. ~ Unknown
  3. Reading is my breath. ~ Unknown
  4. Reading will help you to discover your sacred-self ~ Unknown
  6. Samuel Johnson said Alexander Pope’s translation of the Iliad, “tuned the English tongue. ~ Harold Bloom
  7. Do not quit too soon. The future is bright like a shining diamond. ~ Unknown
  8. Two things are needed to raise awareness: education and love. And these go hand in hand because we can be taught to love. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  9. You don’t have to feel grateful in order to be grateful. ~ Patience Johnson
  10. My faith gives me the ability to say, whatever is next, I’m ready. If it is Hillary or Trump I am ready because they might sit on the desk but they do not sit on the throne. ~ Patience Johnson
  11. There is a throne up there and someone is sitting on it. It is not you, the economy or your government. My God is still on the throne and I shall not worry. ~ Patience Johnson
  12. You can’t love me if you don’t love you, you can’t think of anything to do with me if you can’t think of anything to do with yourself, stop feeling sorry for yourself and tidy up, clean up the apartment until you get a house, do that job until you build your own company. Look at what you have and think on how to make it better. ~ Patience Johnson
  13. The closer the relationship, the greater the opportunities for intimacy. However the greater the opportunity the closer to offence. (A bit deep). Nobody can really make you mad more than someone that you really love. Nobody can hurt you like the somebody you have given your heart to. ~ Patience Johnson
  14. God takes two and makes them one but satan takes one and make it two. ~ Patience Johnson
  15. Before Marriage opposite attracts, after marriage opposite attacks☺. Just telling you the truth. ~ Patience Johnson
  16. Being married or being in a close relationship is not based on how quickly you can get offended but on how you are ready to drop the offences, get over it and move ahead. ~ Patience Johnson
  17. I didn’t get to God by effort or title, I got there by invitation. God can lift you quickly if you let Him. He really cares. ~ Patience Johnson
  18. Offence is an event, offended is a decision. Offence and offended we have to live through it but to stay offended? To live in that place denies the very nature of the salvation that you claimed to have received. ~ Patience Johnson
  19. Have you ever make out time to ask God if there is anything or anybody you need to drop in your life? Are you still holding on to offences? When is the right time to drop it? I am sure once you make this attempt He will show you. I declare that God is going to set some captives free. ~ Patience Johnson
  20. It is weird to me on how people will come to church frequently and have absolutely no desire or intention to change anything about their life based on what they experienced in the church. ~ Patience Johnson
  21. What you see and what you listen to will determine how high you will go. ~ Patience Johnson
  22. Stop praying to God to change your marriage or your finances because you might end up seeing that you are the one that needs the change not your marriage or finances. ~ Patience Johnson
  23. Do you want to feel better or do you want to get well are two different things? Some people go to church to feel better but never get well. Some come to church for comfort and leave unchanged. And that is what sin represents. ..it is a place to be comfortable thereby feeling normal in your own disfunction. ~ Patience Johnson
  24. The more desperate the situation, the more opportunity for a miracle. If you need something from God, you need to be at the right place, the right position and at the right time ~ Patience Johnson
  25. For those of you who are begging God for a breakthrough, this is not the way of getting something from your heavenly father, you don’t have to beg him for what He already bought for you, you don’t have to beg Him for what He died to give you. You don’t have to convince people, you don’t have to convince anybody if God likes to do work in your life, it is done. ~ Patience Johnson
  26. The size of a plane does not change the weather but it will get you above it. The size of your faith may not change your situation but it will get you over it. ~ Patience Johnson
  27. God always have a perfect way for every imperfect situation. ~ Patience Johnson
  28. Evil is real but God is greater. ~ Patience Johnson
  29. Sometimes we are asking God to reveal his presence, provisions and purpose in our lives and we pray like we are trying to get God’s attention but I think prayer has less with getting God’s attention but He getting mine. ~ Patience Johnson
  30. When I call on God, I am not trying to get his attention and I am not trying to get Him to notice me. In all this my journey with Him two questions usually comes to my mind, they are; am I paying attention to him or am I trying to get his attention? ~ Patience Johnson
  31. The reason some people do not experience God in their life is the same reason that we do not notice that something is going wrong with our marriage until we arrive in a divorce court or that something is wrong with our child until we got a phone call from the police station. Simply put, Because we do not pay attention ~ Patience Johnson
  32. You have a standing invitation to experience God’s presence but you have to pay attention because attention creates access. ~ Patience Johnson
  33. There is nowhere that life problems can take you that God’s presence cannot reach you. There is nothing that people can do to you that can keep God from getting to you. ~ Patience Johnson
  34. Is it not funny, in the presence of an unlimited God, we will still be stuck? Sometimes faith overwrites the fact, that some people have not come to realise. Stop giving excuses and telling God what is happening around you. You have the tools. ~ Patience Johnson
  35. If you ask me I think the greatest breakthrough each and every one of us needs is not on finance, marriage, work, relationship, own house, car but self. The first breakthrough should start from being selfish. ~ Patience Johnson
  36. The forgiveness of God flows through me and because I am forgiven, I can forgive. ~ Patience Johnson
  37. If negative emotions have to gain access into your heart, it is because you have given it attention. If memories of pain and hurt dominate your heart, it is because you gave them attention. How can a memory hurt you when it has only happened? It can only hurt you when you give it attention. ~ Patience Johnson
  38. The open door is never behind you; the open door is always before you. Quit looking at your past life and mistakes. Look unto Jesus who is the Author and Perfector of our faith. Your open door is not in the opportunity you missed ten years ago, it is not in some stuff behind you that you can’t get back. You can’t gain your access by giving attention to your past life. Your past days are behind you and what God has for you is in front of you. Just pay attention. ~ Patience Johnson
  39. Do you know where your breakthrough begins? Your breakthrough begins where your excuses end. ~ Patience Johnson
  40. The enemies agenda is destruction, his strategy is division and his tactics are on little differences. Mind you he is not going to be happy until he sees you divided. ~ Patience Johnson
  41. What starts in the heart doesn’t stay in the heart, it either turns into action or words. ~ Patience Johnson
  42. If I should be available to everyone, I will eventually end up with nothing to give to anyone. So the greatest gift you can receive from me is my time. Count yourself lucky if I give you a minute of my hour. ~ Patience Johnson
  43. Long before something happens in our life, it happened in our hearts. ~ Patience Johnson
  44. If God can help us locate demands, He can also help us locate the leaks. ~ Patience Johnson
  45. Dear Lord please show me what really matters so that I may be able to determine what is a distraction and God’s direction in my life. ~ Patience Johnson
  46. Freedom comes from focus, focus brings freedom. Focus on the fear you will always be in prison, focus on faith and is nothing the world can keep you knocked down. ~ Patience Johnson
  47. We are all born extraordinary! shape your today to cherish your tomorrow ~ Kamal Khanzada
  48. All systems of society are meant to serve the mind, not the mind to serve the systems. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  49. Unfortunately for the university, none of that information could make the slightest place for itself inside the circuits of my brain. I was looking for education, but all I found was heartless indoctrination. And indoctrination is not just demeaning to the human conscience, it is lethal for the flourishing psychology of the hungry, young mind. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  50. The world needs teachers – teachers who have broken their own shackles of indoctrination – teachers who can go beyond the narrow-mindedness of society. A handful of these young, brave and zealous teachers in every nation, shall be enough to rekindle the spark of pure knowledge in the entire species. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  51. The flow of knowledge towards the mind should be moderated by the faculties of the mind itself, based on the acceptability of nothing but the mind. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  52. This is not Education. It is a process of manufacturing computation devices that look like Homo sapiens. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  53. Become a maniac on a mission: How to succeed in any venture or business. ~ Phillip Gary Smith
  54. With each drop of tear that we shed in our times of excruciating pain, our brain constructs majestic new cellular connections to aid in the pursuit of our passion – in the pursuit of truth. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  55. Do not listen to a single soul, but your own inner voice. Foster your will and make it as wild as possible. Dive deep into the mysterious fathoms of the universe and accomplish your purpose by hook or by crook, even if it means going down to the bottom of the ocean to meet your doom. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  56. ​Let the lotus of your character be full-blown and the results will follow. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  57. Light up the radiant flame of conscience, goodwill and compassion in your heart, and go over the length and breadth of your society in the pursuit of shedding light over the whole world. And in time, you’ll become a glorious sun that will shine over the entire human population. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  58. Respect yourself and in time the whole world will respect you. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  59. Be excellent in your own terms. Do not look for approval from a single soul on this planet. Respect yourself and in time the whole world will respect you. It is a tragedy of modern life that the light of truth scares society much more than the darkness of ignorance. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  60. ​You can find the answers to the most complicated questions of life from your deepest self. Pay attention and listen. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  61. Pay attention and listen. Your inner self has to say something to you. Listen to that eternal entity within, and you shall discover the way through which you’ll reach your goal. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  62. All achievements begin with the simple cognitive faculties known as perception and imagination. Expand your perception. Expand your imagination. Be aware of your inner strength. Realize yourself. Realize your abilities. Be sincere to nobody else, but yourself. Keep walking on the path of bravery. Keep walking on the path of your passion. Keep walking, and do not stop until you reach your goal. And remember, there will always be another goal to be achieved. So, have pleasure from the pursuit. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  63. Have faith in yourself. All the power is in your biology already. Be conscious of that power and bring it out. Remember, truth is indestructible, virtue is indestructible, purity is indestructible. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  64. Never focus your attention on what the world has to say about you. Rather turn your focus inside and listen to what your inner voice has to say to you. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  65. Never focus your attention on what the world has to say about you. Rather turn your focus inside and listen to what your inner voice has to say to you. You can find the answers to the most complicated questions of life from your deepest self. Pay attention and listen. Your inner self has to say something to you. Listen to that eternal entity within, and you shall discover the way through which you’ll reach your goal. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  66. Realize yourself. Realize your abilities. Be sincere to nobody else, but yourself. Keep walking on the path of bravery. Keep walking on the path of your passion. Keep walking, and do not stop until you reach your goal. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  67. Criticisms of a society filled with fools have no power in them to bother the sage that has emerged from the agonizing fire of misery. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  68. You must hiss at people who intend to undermine your individuality with their false pride and intellectual stupidity. You must frighten them away, lest they should do you harm. Act like you have a lot of venom inside you, but never inject them into anyone. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  69. Some champions are born others are forged! ~ Kierra C.T. Banks
  70. I was out loving life instead of in some office hating it ~ Desmond Ong
  71. At the very moment when people underestimate you is when you can make a breakthrough. ~ Germany Kent
  72. Morning is a song that succeeds the music of dawn… ~ Saurav Somani
  73. Is there any success without effort? ~ Unknown
  74. When the standard of success becomes merely acting—when any result is regarded as progress and important, when inspiration is seen as a reward rather than a prerequisite—we propel ourselves ahead. We feel free to fail, and that failure moves us forward. ~ Mark Manson
  75. A great deal of success in life depends on the relationship you have with yourself, your partner and your money. ~ Kim Ha Campbell
  76. Believing that there is a conflict between rationality and spirituality is like believing that there is a conflict between knowledge and inspiration. ~ Jakub Bożydar Wiśniewski
  77. CONFIDENCE is not showing off your VANITY, it’s about to be HUMBLED and KIND to others what are you truly SKILLED and PROFESSIONAL about… ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  78. [D]on’t try to know everything. You can’t. Find Him in the Word, for the Holy Ghost wrote this Book. He inspired it, and He will be revealed in its pages. ~ A.W. Tozer
  79. How you think and create your inner world that you gonna become in your outer world. You’re inner believe manifest you in the outside ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  80. Autumn is a momentum of the nature golden beauty…, so the same it’s time to find your momentum of life ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  81. Your traditional EDUCATION is not going to CHANGE your life but the life you are experiencing that can change you. Choose a POSITIVE life STYLE with positive ATTITUDE which could bring you a life with HAPPINESS and WISDOM ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  82. If you are not EXCITED enough at your present life its mean your future is not EXITING. Excitement will give you ENTHUSIASM and enthusiasm will give you a positive energetic LIFESTYLE which could give you a successful exiting life… ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  83. Your VISION and your self-willingness is the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  84. REJECTION is kind of your negative ILLUSION which has no value but it gives you a CLUE to go for next level of your ACTION. ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  85. The greatest education is the knowledge of God. ~ Unknown
  86. The truest knowledge is to know thy Creator and thy self. ~ Unknown
  87. Mellow doesn’t describe me. I’m hungry every day. ~ Alan Rickman
  88. How could we have found, who we really are, without education? ~ Unknown
  89. Reading is a sacred-paradise. ~ Unknown
  90. The sole purpose of knowledge is to create hunger for experience. ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim
  91. A person may learn things all their life, but never gain knowledge of truth. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  92. Positive energy radiates from every word you share to a magnitude that can not be measured on a scale. The vibrations he sends your way are received and absorbed into the very core of your existence. The power within his words quenches the areas of your spirit that only God knows. Mortality thrives on the very essence of Godly Love ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  93. Never write a book and let it sit on a shelf ~ Marvela Dawnay
  94. The longer the wondering, the longer the writing. ~ Unknown
  95. when you become an addict to MATERIAL things in life then the TRUE natural life start to run away from you, YES! it’s can give you certain pleasure in society but at the same time it will sabotage your true HAPPINESS of life which we could have simply with GRATITUDE and FORGIVENESS ~ Rashedur Ryan Rahman
  96. We must think of ourselves as a tribe — as an international community that has come together with a common purpose of being initiated into the process. We all have to do it together. There is a link that happens — where THE growth, my growth, depends on the others’ growth around us. We can no longer take these steps by ourselves. We have created a synergistic community. We must take a step towards knowledge together. ~ Alberto Villoldo
  97. True wealth comes less from having riches than from knowing how to live richly. ~ Eric Micha’el Leventhal
  98. The acquiring of intelligence doesn’t require an institution if you got the heart to seek knowledge, and the balls to use it as wisely as those who came before you. ~ James Emlund
  99. The word “Wisdom” was for the people who have a high level of inferiority complex and who are battling with some hard times. ~ Bikash Bhandari
  100. Knowledge deepens with experience. ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim

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