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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 83

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 83
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 83

  1. For that is what you are, that is who you are – you are an author. You cannot cease to write any more than you can cease to breathe…This difficult season will pass – your eyes and mind will inevitably be opened once more to the wealth of ideas all around you…And even if the ideas around you fall short of what you seek – even if, as you say, you have not the heart to write… perhaps it is your heart you ought to write off. – Laurie to Jo, on writing ~ Trix Wilkins
  2. Don’t judge people by their profession, otherwise, you’ll end up with more enemies than friends. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  3. I didn’t know that when your best friend falls in love, you do a little bit, too. ~ Cory Ann Haydu
  4. I didn’t come looking for you the day you uninvitedly appeared on my doorstepHow did we go from a nonchalant conversation me waiting for you to turn me off with corny jokes and mind dumbing conversation to love and mind-blowing chemistry that I’ve yet to make sense of What are you here to teach me? ~ Maquita Donyel Irvin
  5. Love and Divinity are both gifts from Nature, fraught with the highest bliss. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  6. All the so-called philosophical notions of “love without attachment” or “detached love” are biologically non-existent on this planet. We, humans, are biologically designed through millions of years of evolution to grow attachment. Love cannot survive without attachment. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  7. Love can literally transform a human being. It can make us do either heroic or evil deeds. It is the best inspiration ever. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  8. There is natural magic in the feeling of love that has been nourished by Mother Nature through millions of years. It can make you reach the zenith of your true potential. It can awaken your mind towards your deepest powers, and make you endowed with tools of greatness that you can never access in an ordinary state of mind. ~ Abhijit Naskar
  9. I fell in love and then I became in love. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  10. Like a child who saves their favorite food on the plate for last, I try to save all thoughts of you for the end of the day so I can dream with the taste of you on my tongue. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  11. I just got my blood running with so much love. ~ Unknown
  12. The future starts within a second from now. The past was, within a second ago. ~ Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
  13. If you really want more, then cross the door and get to the shore. -RVM ~ RVM
  14. Boldly walk on your own path. You will find your treasure. ~ Unknown
  15. Face fears with faith. ~ Unknown
  16. Nothing holds back human progress as frequently as the misbelief that the words ‘impossible’ and ‘improbable’ are synonyms. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  17. Life ahead is full of endless opportunities. ~ Unknown
  18. Get out of your own way… What we call ‘lack of willpower’ is actually just losing an argument with an outdated version of yourself. ~ Steve Maraboli
  19. Dare to share for to Give is to truly Live. -RVM ~ RVM
  20. When motivation flows, people see work as interesting as the music. They enjoy it till they do more than they could have done. Leaders motivate people to do greater things. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  21. Every morning is a sacred new breath. ~ Unknown
  22. Would you prefer to drag through life for 100 years or live with excitement for 50? -RVM ~ RVM
  23. You must be present in the present to make it a present. -RVM ~ RVM
  24. Worries come and worries go…They challenge us and make us Grow! -RVM ~ RVM
  25. The joy of this day is splendid. ~ Unknown
  26. The greatest self is self-improvement, self-development, and self-discovery. ~ Unknown
  27. It’s not Circumstance. It’s not Chance. It’s the Choice we make that determines the Destiny of Life. -RVM ~ RVM
  28. The future is bright like the morning sun. ~ Unknown
  29. Leaders don’t step on the toes of dwarfs. They mount shoulders of giants. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  30. The longing of every heart is to be loved. ~ Unknown
  31. Leadership is built on inspiration. Inspiration does both the theoretical and the practical job. By inspiration, people are not only informed to know what is right. But they are also convinced to always do what’s right. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  32. The purpose of discovering your purpose is so that you can fulfill it. ~ TemitOpe Ibrahim
  33. If your Life is full of Sorrow, then beg, steal, or borrow ENTHUSIASM from a great soul to make your life whole. -RVM ~ RVM
  34. We are an inspiration to one another ~ Unknown
  35. Push, push. Push harder! ~ Unknown
  36. God Almighty is my sacred shelter. ~ Unknown
  37. Leaders create awareness in their followers about the great potentials they carry and how to release them for the benefit of all. Leaders are motivators, ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  38. All that a child needs is great love. ~ Unknown
  39. May all people from every nation, find the power of God’s grace. ~ Unknown
  40. I devote my life to the service of humanity. ~ Unknown
  41. As the season changes, we learn to adapt. ~ Unknown
  42. Life ought to be live with great optimism. ~ Unknown
  43. My special possessions are my sacred family. ~ Unknown
  44. The greatest possessions I leave for my children are books. ~ Unknown
  45. I get a glimpse of the mind of many souls from their sacred books. ~ Unknown
  46. When I read books, it is like I have met the sacred souls. ~ Unknown
  47. The journey of life can be travel through experience and reading. ~ Unknown
  48. How can you be bored? There are so many books to read! ~ Unknown
  49. Four great adventures; read, learn, write and travel. ~ Unknown
  50. Enjoy the Bliss of just Being…Without being dependent on anything! -RVM ~ RVM
  51. Those who Discover the High Sea are the ones who are FREE to Be what they Want to Be. -RVM ~ RVM
  52. If you don’t like the Fruits you are growing, then change the Seeds you are sowing. -RVM ~ RVM
  53. Since there is no way to live after you die, why not Live Now! -RVM ~ RVM
  54. We don’t know Where God is, Who God is or What God is… BUT GOD IS! -RVM ~ RVM
  55. If we can be Glad ………But we choose to be Sad, we are MAD! ! !- RVM ~ RVM
  56. Eating can be the weight that pulls you under or the life raft. It’s your choice. ~ Nancy S. Mure
  57. You cannot go back to your past and erase or do alterations, but today you can have a new start ~ Zamreen Zarook
  58. The secret of success is found in your regular actions ~ Zamreen Zarook
  59. Life is not a puzzle to solve. Stop, Enjoy the Journey!-RVM ~ RVM
  60. Honesty makes stories real and characters memorable. From there, taking them to where they need to go will be all the development they need. ~ Dan Alatorre
  61. I am the richest man on earth because I am the Happiest man on earth. After all, isn’t Happiness the Greatest Wealth in Life? -RVM ~ RVM
  62. Stories were heirlooms in these parts. ~ Robert Kurson
  63. Dare to Explore. Dare to Dream. Dare to Discover. Dare to break the rules. Dear to Leave. Dare to Begin. Dare to Live. Dare to Love. Dare to be You. ~ Oksana Rus
  64. Be so focused on believing that you can that it doesn’t matter if anyone says you can’t. ~ Chris Burkmenn
  65. When you love your work, it works better. ~ Shampa Sharma
  66. I celebrate myself, I paint and dance and sing myself, And what I assume you will assume, for every atom as of me as good belongs to dreamy You. I am a song. I am a poem. I am the soil and a gem. I am a stargate and a voyage. I am the ocean and your soul. ~ Oksana Rus
  67. Inspiration is that Power that makes you Seek and reach the Peak.-RVM ~ RVM
  68. Don’t just GO through life, GROW through it. For Life comes to you only once, never to return! Climb the Ladder of Life, step by step.-RVM ~ RVM
  69. A moment spent in Sorrow or a moment spent in Pain is a waste of a Great Treasure that you will never get again. -RVM ~ RVM
  70. Life is too short to spend even one day in misery.-RVM ~ RVM
  71. In order to be a success, you must think like success. Get up and move! You got to make things happen. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  72. Fair-mindedness doesn’t require a lot of thought, it requires a lot of bravery. ~ Toni Sorenson
  73. Once you learn how to straighten out your thinking, your life straightens out. Problems that were too complicated to deal with have solutions. There’s peace where there was chaos because there’s power where there was weakness. A strong life begins with a strong thought. A healthy life begins in a clean brain. ~ Toni Sorenson
  74. Nothing worth doing’s ever easy. ~ Tammy J. Coulter
  75. Contentment is the foundation of true Happiness. The Happiness that comes from fulfilling desires can never be permanent.-RVM ~ RVM
  76. Success demands a price that only a few are willing to pay … blood, flesh, time, money, pride, heartbreak, and energy. Anyone who has ever succeeded has the battle scars to prove the sacrifices they’ve made. ~ Toni Sorenson
  77. There are just two ways in life..either you do it or you don’t!! ~ Tripta Arora
  78. INTROSPECT. Dive deep into your own Life and think…Think…”How have I lived ?” “How can I make my life better?” -RVM ~ RVM
  79. He never looked back, the day he realized the power of presentations. ~ Aayush Jain
  80. I’ve really learned to appreciate the magic of challenging yourself. Seeing yourself somewhere new. There’s a whole world out there. ~ Stacie Hammond
  81. Pray, which day is not a women’s day!?! ~ Shampa Sharma
  82. There are many ways to love but mutually is the luckiest. ~ Shampa Sharma
  83. To live with Faith, eliminate Fear. Only one can exist in our Life at any point in time. -RVM ~ RVM
  84. Go for broke, my friends. Straighten your spine when you step to the podium. Trust your own tongue. Believe that your weary legs will hold you until you reach the finish line. And reach it you will if you give it you’re all. Fall if you must, crawl if you must, but don’t you dare give up or give in until you’ve made it to the end. For at the end is where your great reward will be to begin anew. A new chance. A new life. A new you. ~ Toni Sorenson
  85. Play More, Pray More; Get More, Give More…Live More! -RVM ~ RVM
  86. Have your own convictions. Believe in the laws of your conscience because if you believe in everything, you become nothing. -RVM ~ RVM
  87. Here’s the three-ingredient recipe for a glorious day: think a higher thought, move your feet forward, serve someone you’ve never served. Do those three things and your life will improve in a millisecond. ~ Toni Sorenson
  88. I challenge you to destroy whatever roadblock is keeping you from moving forward. Destroy it with your physical body if you must, but first, destroy it with a power greater than a nuclear bomb—the power of your mind. Think it has gone and it will go. ~ Toni Sorenson
  89. You must give permission for people to alter your thoughts. No matter how hard they knock, they can’t get into your brain unless you open the door. ~ Toni Sorenson
  90. Dreams are blueprints and what good are blueprints until a carpenter goes to work? Dream big, and bold, and brazen, but then get off your butt and do the work to realize your own dreams. ~ Toni Sorenson
  91. Regardless of your past, of your own beliefs, I promise you that you are worthy of the remarkable life you so want to live. ~ Toni Sorenson
  92. There can be no belief if the things we believe in are different from the things we do. ~ Abhinav Bhalla
  93. Our lives reflect our inner image. If we think we’re worth it, that worth will manifest in our lives. If we think we’re not worthy, we’ll live in lack. Believe you are worth it and you will become worth it. ~ Toni Sorenson
  94. I promise you that the moment you unwaveringly commit to your own vision, seen and unseen powers will unite to make that vision a reality. ~ Toni Sorenson
  95. People are like pistachios. Some of them open up easily, but there are others who need to be really broken to get into. ~ RVM
  96. You are beyond worth and your potential to change is in your next thought. ~ Toni Sorenson
  97. It’s a bet – the more you Give, the more you will get. ~ RVM
  98. Even one day lost in misery is a great loss, for the day will never come back again. You lose 24 hours of happiness, joy & bliss. Live each day in happiness. ~ RVM
  99. What matters is not how many miles you run… What matters is whether you are having fun! ~ RVM
  100. Your future is brighter than your past was dark. ~ Toni Sorenson

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