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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 84

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 84
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 84

  1. What is the Power that transcends one from Achievement to Fulfillment? The Power of Inspiration!- RVM ~ RVM
  2. Far greater than all the material possessions that I possess, is my Freedom to Choose, my Freedom to Live, and my Freedom to be Happy.- RVM ~ RVM
  3. Decide to be HAPPY when you start your day. Commit to put JOY in whatever comes your way. You may be hurt by what people say, but don’t let anyone spoil your Day. ~ RVM
  4. Anyone can exist. Most fools do. It takes guts to truly Live. ~ RVM
  5. Have a dream or vision? Keep striving toward it, never give up on it, pray about it, and ask God to bless it. And no matter who doesn’t believe or understand it, it’s because it’s not for them, it’s for YOU. ~ Pauline Seaport
  6. When you pursue your goals with passion, you will attract people who love you; but you’ll also attract haters. I’m okay with that; I welcome it. I don’t want to live life as a spectator. I’ve learned that if no one is cheering you on and/or booing you; it means you’re not in the game. ~ Steve Maraboli
  7. Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it. ~ Ernest Barbaric
  8. Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to enjoy your Life. Today, make a commitment to Enjoy Life. ~ RVM
  9. The full length of a frog doesn’t have to be seen when it’s dead. It has to be seen when it jumps. Aim for greater heights always. ~ Constance Chuks Friday
  10. You must be willing to play with Failure before you reach Success. ~ RVM
  11. There is nothing more fascinating than the fusion between power and mystery in our great, little treasure: the human brain. ~ Hajar Charkaoui
  12. The Gift of Life is a Treasure. Some fill it with Pressure . . . some with Pleasure! ~ RVM
  13. The only thing that belongs to us is our LIFE. Yet, we waste it in the pursuit of meaningless things that will never belong to us.- RVM ~ RVM
  14. Henry Luce to his Time magazine writers: “Tell the history of our time through the people who make it. ~ Walter Isaacson
  15. Pat yourself on the back when you win. And when you don’t, just keep moving! So long as you don’t stop moving, Soon you may realize just how close you are to winning! ~ Chinonye J. Chidolue
  16. You can’t move things by not moving. ~ Suzy Kassem
  17. The function of the overwhelming majority of your artwork is simply to teach you how to make the small fraction of your artwork that soars. ~ Unknown
  18. Move on, don’t let the little things of Life hold you back. Forget, Forgive, and Move on. ~ RVM
  19. I’m Blunt because God rolled me that way ~ Kalon Jackson
  20. Many people will try to Sell you a Dream, its Your place to let them know you Already have one! ~ Kalon Jackson
  21. With Inspiration, Liberation, and Determination, you can reach any Destination.-RVM ~ RVM
  22. Why destroy this Morn, by a Past that is dead & Gone and a Future not yet Born!-RVM ~ RVM
  23. Today, I will look around & enjoy all the beautiful things that are around me rather than yearn for things that are beyond my control & become miserable. ~ RVM
  24. Tranquility is a Choice. So is Anxiety. The entire world around us may be in Turmoil. But if we want to be Peaceful within, WE CAN.- RVM ~ RVM
  25. Those who are critical of my goals and dreams simply do not understand the higher purpose to which I have been called. ~ Andy Andrews
  26. Given the opportunity to help us with our dreams, the Universe does not disappoint. ~ Maggie Denhearn
  27. You ain’t get nothing for staying low, lazy. The world only tremble at the feet of the few craziest doers ever lived. ~ Olawale Daniel
  28. Dance resides within us all. Some find it when joy conquers sorrow, others express it through celebration of movements; and then there are those… whose existence is dance, ~ Shah Asad Rizvi
  29. World seems like a void of silence every time footsteps are deprived of dancing shoes. ~ Shah Asad Rizvi
  30. Make your book of life a musical. Never abandon obligations, but have fun leaving behind a colorful legacy. Never allow anybody to be the composer of your own destiny. Take control of your life, and don’t allow limitations implanted by society tell you how your music is supposed to sound — or how your book is supposed to be written. ~ Suzy Kassem
  31. The secret of making lasting change is to acknowledge and accept that real change takes time and patience. We didn’t get chronically ill overnight. We didn’t gain weight in one week or even one month. Good chance, it may take us longer than twenty-one days to overcome whatever we’re facing. Whether it’s something physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination, we may need to be realistic in our goals for meaningful change to happen. The first step is getting started! ~ Dana Arcuri
  32. When the melody plays, footsteps move, heart sings and spirit begins to dance. ~ Shah Asad Rizvi
  33. Music does not need language of words for it has movements of dance to do its translation. ~ Shah Asad Rizvi
  34. Have you ever paused to be Grateful? For eyes to see, nose to smell, ears to hear, tongue to taste, hands to feel, head to think and heart to love? ~ RVM
  35. Celebrate Life. To truly live, Celebrate each day of Life. Let each day be a Festival of Joy.-RVM ~ RVM
  36. He is a true King who has the Freedom to do anything!- RVM ~ RVM
  37. Even with all the Lace, you can’t be an Ace without God’s grace.- RVM ~ RVM
  38. To reach your Destination, you need a Direction, but you can’t get there without Inspiration!- RVM ~ RVM
  39. Those who have the FREEDOM to Row can get to where they want to Go!- RVM ~ RVM
  40. You spend your TIME to make a DIME. You lose your HEALTH to make your WEALTH, but at the end it is FUNNY because you leave back all your MONEY.-RVM ~ RVM
  41. Don’t just Hurry, don’t just Haste. Don’t just Worry, don’t just Waste. Life is a Treasure, Enjoy the Pleasure.- RVM ~ RVM
  42. Don’t let God be the co-author of your life. ~ Stephanie Faith
  43. You think I’m giving up. I’m not. I’m giving in. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  44. The reason for the past is only revealed in the future. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  45. Motivating others leads to success whereas inspiring others leads to greatness. ~ Ken Poirot
  46. Just because you have baggage doesn’t mean you have to lug it around. ~ Richie Norton
  47. The only thing that prevents us from being happy is thinking. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  48. The more we surrender to what cannot be, the better we control what can be. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  49. The Wind that Blows, the Water that Flows, the Sun that Glows, are all proof that a Power exists. Believe and Experience the Universal Power. ~ RVM
  50. Someone who lives meaningfully for 30 years has lived a much longer Life than one who drifted through Life for 60 years.-RVM ~ RVM
  51. LOVE is meant to make you Happy, not sad. What’s the use of Love, if it makes you mad! ~ RVM
  52. The past ruins the present to destroy the future. Take charge of the NOW. ~ RVM
  53. People will let you down in this business every single day. I think you’ll be let down and disappointed more than you’ll be accepted and excited. But you need to find ways to keep yourself inspired. This is mine. What’s yours? ~ Jenna Mullins
  54. To dream is to desire, to desire is to long for, to long for is to want, and to want you must work to attain all you dream of, desire, long for and want. ~ Imania Margria
  55. Don’t try to reach perfection. Just try to reach an inner and outer realization of self. ~ Imania Margria
  56. Living on Faith. Striving on Desire. Flying on Hope. ~ Imania Margria
  57. There are so many things that we learn in our lives most of which we can’t learn without seeing the hearts of others. ~ Imania Margria
  58. When we can see the star of desire in our sky, we can use our wings of hope and our air of love to reach it. ~ Imania Margria
  59. I love being high. High on Life, High on Love, High on Hope, and High on Faith. ~ Imania Margria
  60. Let us not become so busy making a living that we forget to enjoy our Life. Every day of Life is meant to be Lived and Enjoyed. ~ RVM
  61. Learn to surrender, because sometimes, when there is no way, surrender is the way. ~ RVM
  62. Your schedule predicts your miracle or not! ~ John Di Lemme
  63. Just because you have problems, it doesn’t mean you should not have Dreams. Instead, let your Dreams become the scheme to solve your problems. ~ RVM
  64. When you know your role in life, living makes sense because of clarity, and the loads become enjoyable to carry. ~ Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
  65. Moving is not about forgetting. It’s about moving forward and never looking back. ~ Imania Margria
  66. Hope may seem frail. But in the face of adversity, hope can be our strongest ally. ~ Imania Margria
  67. In life, we must first learn to crawl, then stand, then walk, then run, and only then, fly. We cannot crawl into flying. ~ RVM
  68. When Passion meets Inspiration, an Obsession is born. ~ RVM
  69. While a rich man cannot have more than 1440 minutes a day, a clever man makes more time by using OPM or Other People’s Minutes.-RVM ~ RVM
  70. I do not much trust the man who cares solely to inspire – he does not really inspire me – only the man who cares mostly to tell the truth, whatever that may do. For when the man who cares to tell the truth happens to inspire, I, in addition, find it easier to believe that he in fact does his homework on how and when one should truly inspire. ~ Criss Jami
  71. There are people who Dream and there are people who Scream. There are people who Cry and there are people who Fly. The good news is that this is a CHOICE!-RVM ~ RVM
  72. Moving on is not about forgetting. It’s about moving forward and never looking back. ~ Imania Margria
  73. If happiness always depended on what we had, then the richest would always be Glad, not Sad. ~ RVM
  74. Sometimes the way to personal freedom seems scary – Take the first step to begin the release of doubt and fear. Each new step builds confidence. Breathe. Don’t look back. ~ Sheila M. Burke
  75. Inspiration creates a never-ending Power that makes you go on and on and on and on! ~ RVM
  76. If happiness always depended on what we had, then the richest would always be Glad, not Sad.-RVM ~ RVM
  77. A rainbow in the sky or a bird that can fly often create Joy that money can’t buy! ~ RVM
  78. Life teaches us many lessons daily, even from our mishaps, only if we pay attention ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive
  79. Problems are everywhere, so are Solutions. Unfortunately, we see more of the Problems than the Solutions. ~ RVM
  80. Think of Today, not Tomorrow. It’s time to be Happy, not live a Life of Sorrow. Find out those things that make you Glad & eliminate those that make you Sad. ~ RVM
  81. Don’t complain about difficult situations. They contain in them the motivation to succeed. ~ Chinonye J. Chidolue
  82. Whenever negativity makes us drip, Inspiration creates a flip from Negative to Positive. ~ RVM
  83. Never worry about the Past, it brings Tears. Don’t think too much about the Future, it brings Fears. Live in the Present Moment with a Smile, it brings Cheers!! ~ RVM
  84. Some people find life boring, there’s too much time. Few find Life so exciting that there’s no time at all and Life just zooms by ~ RVM
  85. Secrets are a part of life. Their mysteries make our world beautiful. Their depths inspire our hearts, intrigue our minds, and embrace our very souls. ~ Imania Margria
  86. Let us Build the Boat first to cross the River. ~ Prakhar Srivastav
  87. Those who talk more about others’ wrongs are actually Perilous, Be Careful. ~ Mohith Agadi
  88. Your beliefs affect your choices. Your choices shape your actions. Your actions determine your results. The future you create depends upon the decisions you make and actions you take today. ~ Roy T. Bennett
  89. Dare to be more than ordinary… Dare to be extraordinary. ~ Imania Margria
  90. I have no time to Cry because my Focus is to Fly in the Sky! ~ RVM
  91. When we let our GREED become our NEED, we can never be HAPPY indeed!-RVM ~ RVM
  92. An external motive can never Inspire you. It will only Motivate you to move, but you will soon stop. Seek Inspiration! ~ RVM
  93. Making money may give a sense of Achievement. But making a difference will give a sense of Fulfillment.-RVM ~ RVM
  94. The things I do are known to the world, but why I do them is my secret alone. ~ Imania Margria
  95. I would rather try and fail at something than not try at all. Because if I don’t try to do something, I will be filled with wonder on whether or not I could’ve succeeded, and not soon after that wonder will turn to regret. I refuse to live my life wondering and regretting what could’ve been. I want to live my life with the satisfaction of knowing I tried no matter if I succeed or fail. ~ Imania Margria
  96. Reflect onto the world what you want them to see. Let your heart help them figure out the rest of who you truly are. ~ Imania Margria
  97. There are some people who will surprise you with their perseverance… People who survive through the tears… Strong spirits who prove you wrong if you make the mistake of betting against them. ~ Steve Maraboli
  98. Free yourself, unwind, unravel. There’s no right or wrong way, just experience. Learning, understanding. ~ Josh Langley
  99. True beauty happens when two worlds collide and become one. ~ Imania Margria
  100. Beauty is what you make of it. It is undefined and limitless. ~ Imania Margria

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