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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 48

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 48
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 48

  1. When there is silence, Give your voice. When there is darkness, Shine your light. When there is desperation, Offer hope. ~ Tim Fargo
  2. Creation and Free Will are constantly moving, hands in hands, like children traveling along a path full of impulses and inspirations. Through the use of the Dragonflame philosophy, they become superior artistic beings able to enjoy and share the fruits of creative labor. ~ Lawren Leo
  3. It is the people who innovate that inspire, and innovation is not born of the status quo. ~ Michele Jennae
  4. The best things in life are the things you do by mistake. ~ Monika Zands
  5. Creativity is more important than imagination because it requires action. ~ Matthew Donnelly
  6. Creativity isn’t meant to introduce complexity it is expected to add simplicity. ~ Amit Kalantri
  7. Inspiration is everywhere. ~ Charlotte Eriksson
  8. Don’t be afraid to do weird stuff, so long as you do it cheaply and cover everyone’s bets. Be bold. Be stupid, if you have to: so long as you don’t hurt anybody, what’s it matter how dopey your dream is? If I hadn’t made TUSK? If I’d let it die as a podcast? I wouldn’t have three other movies I’m now making within the span of a year. Some folks will try to shame you for trying something outside the norm; the only shame is in not trying to accomplish your dreams. ~ Kevin Smith
  9. Dalí painted melting clocks. I suppose if he’d asked around first, quizzed people if they wanted to see a picture of a melting clock, the answer might have been something obvious, like ‘Clocks don’t melt!’ But, lucky for us, Salvador didn’t care what anyone else thought. You use what moves you. ~ Laura Ruby
  10. The central point of the work of art is the work as origin, the point which cannot be reached, yet the only one which is worth reaching. ~ Maurice Blanchot
  11. In 1829 Rossini was at an age which has often proven critical in the lives of musicians, painters, and writers. Lapses into silence far more complete than Rossini’s, creative failures, suicides, and unanticipated deaths have been common in the middle to late 30s. As Charles Rosen has noted, ‘It is the age when the most fluent composer begins to lose the ease of inspiration he once possessed, when even Mozart had to make sketches and to revise’. ~ Richard Osborne
  12. The greatest moments of creativity come in absolute solitude when one’s mind is free from distraction and able to probe the depths of the impossible. ~ Fennel Hudson
  13. Forgiveness is really about absolution: to set free. But if you look carefully at the dynamic, the one you’re setting free is yourself. ~ Darrell Calkins
  14. As a soul, you have the freedom – and earned responsibility – to transpose your personal process of evolution, to manifest your greatest talents and vision, into the work that matters to you most as a means to personal redemption. ~ Darrell Calkins
  15. Authenticity is our natural state of being. The authentic self is a state of being where we are centered, creative, adaptive, and inspired. ~ Henna Inam
  16. Creativity is always a leap of faith. Writers sit down in front of empty pages. Painters stare before blank easels. Thespians rehearse looking toward empty stages. Creativity is experimental by nature. ~ Brian D’Ambrosio
  17. In my work, I try to create situations in which we take ideas, information, experiences, and qualities to a pragmatic arena. Then within those, to relearn or experiment with how we respond to internal and external variables. There’s no point to understanding something but remaining incapable of applying it. I think real knowledge and understanding are experiential, and the easiest way to access those is through our physical being. ~ Darrell Calkins
  18. On an even subtler dimension, clarity, intuitive knowledge, and contentment are primarily determined by chemical and hormonal balances in the body and brain. Most of this is entirely manipulable through fairly simple physical exercises that anyone can do. ~ Darrell Calkins
  19. On those who try to make me their guru or master, my approach is to start destroying that from the first moment we meet. It probably seems naive and idealistic, but I rely on basic, old-fashioned qualities in keeping my interactions clean: integrity, chivalry, honesty. In my experience, it’s not that difficult to eliminate the guru paradigm and stereotype, if one really wants to. Finally, it comes down to simply not accepting a role or the associated temptations offered. ~ Darrell Calkins
  20. We all understand the value of sacrifice, even if that only involves setting aside dessert so as to lose weight, or putting money in the bank so as to later buy a house. Progress or achievement in any arena requires choices that often oppose what one feels like doing. The trick is truly succeeding with this, in the long run, is locating enough depth of feeling that the experience of conflicting desires dissolves. For that to happen, one has to learn how to think emotionally and physiologically. ~ Darrell Calkins
  21. Each religion has provided a tremendous service in defining elements of conscience. They have made it possible for us to live together in a society, to work toward common goals, and to learn how to accept or tolerate relative opposition to our own opinions. I also think that this has been done much as a parent needs to provide a similar service for an adolescent. Internal and external conflict requires discipline to organize and structure some form of minimizing the chaos imposed on others. ~ Darrell Calkins
  22. There are some things that don’t function as one would assume. For example, the impulse and linear thinking associated with the search for happiness most often produce questions like, “What’s in it for me?” or “How do I get what I want?” Paradoxically, if you will, that very question pushes authentic happiness away. Now, to try to explain that to someone in such a way that they hear and are interested by the idea is going to probably involve some paradox and non-linearity. ~ Darrell Calkins
  23. We do have some capacity to determine how things evolve, and how we evolve, individually and as a community or race. That’s tremendous freedom and a tremendous responsibility. ~ Darrell Calkins
  24. I don’t really consider myself to be a teacher, although I understand that others do. There’s a certain restriction or reduction in that stereotype that doesn’t ring true. Especially the underlying assumption that I know something that others don’t, and my job is to give them what I know. That’s simply not true. ~ Darrell Calkins
  25. It’s misleading or deceptive in a way that such skills are learned like any other — simple practice, sincere investment over time. Yes, like small steps, one at a time, to cross the bridge. Just a single step today. ~ Darrell Calkins
  26. There is something mysterious yet definitely accessible to us all under the agitated waves of difficulty that allows us to feel and flow along with a more comprehensive intuitive and spiritual understanding of true meaning. And to find solace, accepting serenity and even beauty within it. ~ Darrell Calkins
  27. These five values are the organic origins of what could be called intuitive conscience. They are also what we experience personally as our core, essential yearnings, however, distorted or confused we may interpret them: to care and be cared for; to share equally in freedom and responsibility; to belong, and to trust that what we belong to will continue; that there exists an objective hierarchy of virtue and wisdom; that there exists that which is unquestionably sacred or divine. ~ Darrell Calkins
  28. One could make a nice link between imagination and spirit. To make that link, all we need is some inspiration. Essentially, imagination has the innate potential to compel or inspire and to set in motion causation. That’s why it exists. ~ Darrell Calkins
  29. Resolution of conflicting interests within each of us—the desire to fulfill a personal purpose versus the desire to forget about it and just go have fun, for example—takes time and focus and application of a lot of qualities, like playing a difficult piece of music with two hands on the piano. Many people are looking for a simple pill to make that apparent dichotomy go away. Once they discover it doesn’t exist, it’s very frustrating. ~ Darrell Calkins
  30. The purest definition of “religious” is: relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality. ~ Darrell Calkins
  31. There are so many stereotypes, prepackaged concepts, and platitudes out there in our thinking on the divine, and the associated emotions those produce; it’s very difficult to transcend. But that’s ultimately what experiencing the divine is all about: transcending stereotypes, concepts, and platitudes. As soon as one falls back on an acceptable definition or understanding, it disappears. It’s like water; the moment you try to grasp it, you lose it. ~ Darrell Calkins
  32. Through the realization of the potentials and possibilities within and outside of you, one connects imagination with reality. What could become so? ~ Darrell Calkins
  33. The simple, external acts in which you resolve shame and guilt, and set right a debt, bypassing by them all and giving something grander even so and instead of. You end the circle by leaving it behind. Conscience brings awareness of the need to change something, but the source of your actions must become inspiration and devotion. You’re not doing it to get out of debt; you are doing it because you know it to be the thing to do. ~ Darrell Calkins
  34. More focus has been placed on these subjects through human history than on anything else—mystery and mysticism, God, imagination, intuition, the nature of relationships, human purpose, happiness, and salvation… ~ Darrell Calkins
  35. I think that as a species we’ve played at being the self-indulgent, spoiled adolescent way too long, and now there are permanent damages and absolute risks that most people are ignoring. ~ Darrell Calkins
  36. Breathing is the fundamental act of being alive. One can go without thoughts, emotions, or sensations, sleeping, talking, or any other activity for a long time, without food for weeks, without water for days. But if you stop breathing, you’ll be dead before you finish reading this letter. Because it is the essence of life, some focus upon it seems appropriate. ~ Darrell Calkins
  37. In terms of achieving what I call “being in the right place at the right time,” one has to know balance. Not from the outside as an observer, but from the inside out. For every individual, that requires creating a successfully balanced interface between what one is compelled by and the essential principles of nature, which we comprehend through our intuitive conscience. Those are our clues to the mystery. When one gets it right, there it is. ~ Darrell Calkins
  38. Ironically, to “inspire” means to breathe, to infuse life by breathing. As with a lot of things that have the capacity to inspire, it takes some time to get past the apparent boredom and find the hidden secrets. I figure if I keep harping on it, maybe someone will eventually explore the possibility long enough to realize just how breathtaking it is. ~ Darrell Calkins
  39. Transformation, on the other hand, is creating beauty from horror or destruction (or, for beginners, and actually pleasant evening with the usual family problems). ~ Darrell Calkins
  40. If you know what life really wants, and if you know what you really want, you can begin to create a relationship. ~ Darrell Calkins
  41. Transcendence is a word I don’t use often; I prefer transformation. Why? Because the essential game is about using what is in front of you and in you exactly as it is, but finding a way to do something with that that is surprising and an expression of inspiration and intuition. You engage reality and make something out of it that only you can, alchemizing limitation, conflict, or what appears to be bad into something else. ~ Darrell Calkins
  42. What is at the base of shame or guilt? It is the consciousness of an imbalance, or of an action in the past that has caused, and probably continues to cause, suffering. ~ Darrell Calkins
  43. Transcendence is more about the personal act of not engaging the enemy, finding a way out of the cage that is being designed for you at a particular moment by others, circumstance, or your own bad habits and ignorance. ~ Darrell Calkins
  44. If your curiosity reaches a breaking point (compelled actually means that you only have the remaining choice to act on it, having tried all the other options before), and becomes fascinated with mystery or truth, you find what you need. Maybe it’s a person, maybe it’s a tragedy, maybe it’s an explosive recognition that, “My God, I’m still alive. ~ Darrell Calkins
  45. Life will give you what you need once you will do something with it. It may not give you what you want so as to be as comfortable as you want, as Nature’s concern is need as it relates to evolution. In my humble opinion, Nature is too kind, but, as I say, the game is big, and the challenges and temptations absolute. And this is a fascinating aspect of the totality of beauty; it gives more than is only necessary. The generosity is mind- and heart-boggling. ~ Darrell Calkins
  46. It takes a relative amount of courage just to get out of bed each day. There are those who are stronger in their courage, and they help to compel us along with a little further in the fulfillment of our faith. ~ Darrell Calkins
  47. You may have noticed that the questions asked are better than the answers given. What do you expect? Perhaps we could submit these answers in a game and see if anyone could figure out what the hell the question was. “Ahh, how to be happy? ~ Darrell Calkins
  48. We live in a dimension where it is necessary to find a balance between wants and needs, or desires and yearning, or answers and questions. The totality of these makes up what we know as reality or truth, at least adolescent truth—facts. The fact of the matter is, you have to live in society one way or another, and there’s a reason for that, so the base of engagement begins with acceptance of the variables as they actually are. ~ Darrell Calkins
  49. Once you get off the bandwagon of believing that truth is your enemy and is bad news with all kinds of associated unhappy obligations, you can then afford to take it on with some enthusiasm and start to have some fun with it. ~ Darrell Calkins
  50. Of course, the self-righteous demand and expectation for love, and exactly how it should be expressed, is not the most streamlined method for producing it in another for you. That is, it does not compel or create love itself. You’re neither loving nor producing that which would compel the love toward you. You’re compressed between them both and incapable of accepting either. And rightly so. Which then accelerates the accumulating suffering. ~ Darrell Calkins

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