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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 39

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 39
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 39

  1. We can do more than we imagine by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~ Unknown
  2. Whatever we want, we just imagine it; the core of attraction. ~ Unknown
  3. Three things to help keep your brain cells awake and alert … drink plenty of clean water, get plenty of deep sleep, and let your imagination soar to places it’s never dared venture. ~ Toni Sorenson
  4. For all the girls in all the worlds. May you feel strength with your first breath, realize your unlimited potential for greatness on your second, and follow your dreams on your third. ~ C.S. O’Kelly
  5. As a writer, I’m always at the mercy of my inspiration, my intuition, and my imagination. ~ Kate Collier
  6. Life is but a story told at one’s funeral ~ Charles Slamowitz
  7. You are worthy of your wildest dreams. ~ Nicole Guillaume
  8. If you are not an exception, try to be the example. ~ Rhythm
  9. The bravest souls I know are those who are willing to risk having the entire world turns its back on them, and all they’ve ever wanted to do – and they would lay down their lives to do it because there is no other way to defeat truth– is simply, to tell the world with their whole heart their story. ~ Xue Yun
  10. You have the power to turn your negatives into positives. – Author Mahogany Law ~ Mahogany Law
  11. Simple, don’t tell about something that exists in extinction and doesn’t tell about something extinct in an existence. ~ Haris Yanuar
  12. Oil may run out, liquidity may dry up, but as long as ink flows freely, the next chapter of Life will continue to be written. ~ Alex Morritt
  13. You can find hope in despair. Dwell on positive thoughts. ~ Unknown
  14. Once we were young, now we are adults. ~ Unknown
  15. What a sacred journey? ~ Unknown
  16. Youthful life is a beautiful bliss. ~ Unknown
  17. Self-confidence and self-seeking are the greatest virtues. ~ Unknown
  18. I am a book lover. I buy, collect and read books. ~ Unknown
  19. Why doubt thyself? Believe in your abilities. ~ Unknown
  20. Eternity exists in a holy time. ~ Unknown
  21. Every individual ought to travel on his or her own destiny path. ~ Unknown
  22. Why did I always end up loving the person who hurt me the most? Why was love so cruel? ~ J.C. Reed
  23. We laugh, that we may not cry. ~ Roger Ebert
  24. The New Your energy goes beyond anything you’ll find anywhere else. It’s too much for some people and it grinds them down, but it lifts up and animates the rest of us. ~ Lawrence Block
  25. One should not have to live in the dark. ~ Vishal
  26. Knowledge comes from learning – Ignorance is born from not wanting to know the difference! ~ Robbie Thomas
  27. You will never be satisfied with anything less than the highest you can attain. ~ Apoorve Dubey
  28. It is not about whether you call yourself a leader or not. It is about what you have to show to people as a leader. Leadership is contagious, you carry it and share it. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  29. A mere motivator sees potentials in people and tells them to take action. A true leader sees the same potentials in the same people and influences them to optimize them under his God-lead inspirations. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  30. Leadership potential is in everyone; we all have it, but we all don’t know it until we have a direct individual encounter with the Holy Spirit of God. The principal source of leadership influence is the Holy Spirit. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  31. We are equal beings and the universe is our relations with each other. ~ Thaddeus Golas
  32. Leadership is art expressed by the demonstration of characters worthy of imitation, emulation, and inspiration. It is neither a title nor a position. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  33. Inspiring others is the pathway to your own discoveries ~ Robin Craig Clark
  34. People not only stood to respect it but perhaps their thoughts and heartbeats came to standstill, and only inspiration and patriotism were flowing through their veins. ~ Amit Kalantri
  35. When you aspire to inspire before you expire, you conspire to inspire even after you pause to respire. Keep pushing it! ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  36. The transformed person is a revolutionary only because he has revolutionized himself. He gives the people inspiration by holding up a mirror to their inner substance. ~ Vironika Tugaleva
  37. People have struggled for the benefit of others, you can struggle at least for your own benefit. ~ Amit Kalantri
  38. Remind Youth: It is not necessary to look for confidence. It is there – potentially yours and never hidden; awaiting a commanding voice of faith, hope and affirmation. Speak repetitiously with authority and conviction the self-assurance which only seems lacking, but you simply lost touch with. ~ T.F. Hodge
  39. The beauty of inspiration is its unpredictable timing. ~ T.F. Hodge
  40. Find what makes you happy and go for it with all your heart. It will be hard, but I promise it will be worth it. ~ Charlotte Eriksson
  41. Be inspired to explore your world. ~ Unknown
  42. Live your best life. Live your dreams. ~ Unknown
  43. To be who you are, let go of what you were. ~ Jennifer Sodini
  44. Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will,” she says. The sky is like a monochromatic contemporary painting, drawing me in with its illusion of depth, pulling me up. “Yeah, that’s true,” I say. But then after I think about it for a second, I add, “But then again, if you don’t imagine, nothing ever happens at all. ~ John Green
  45. Ache my bones, flame my muscles, tingle my nerves, but you will never taint my beautiful mind & I will overcome this condition with the belief that I already have. – CRPS AWARENESS – ~ Nikki Rowe
  46. No story is worth telling without the twists and turns. Make them count instead. ~ Charlotte Eriksson
  47. Writing the next lines and words of your life is something only you can do. We write our own stories. ~ Kim Pape
  48. Keep going. No matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself “there’s no point to carry on”, no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it – keep going. Don’t quit. Don’t quit because a month from now you will be that much closer to your goal than you are now. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Make today count. ~ Anonymous
  49. Keep moving, no matter how slow you move, you will definitely arrive at your destination. ~ Unknown
  50. We endure hardships by God’s grace. ~ Unknown

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