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Ways To Go Green With Your Airbnb Rental

Ways To Go Green With Your Airbnb Rental
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You can’t advertise yourself as “green living” without proof. These days, it’s much easier to create a greener Airbnb rental; start by buying guests a must-have energy-efficient appliance and then end their visit with investments in sustainable toiletries. Reimagine your Airbnb rental with different ways to go green.

Use Eco-Friendly Appliances

The best part of the rental to make eco-friendliness possible is the kitchen. Since guests will likely be in the kitchen for most of their stay, it makes sense to have Energy Star-certified appliances. These machines can be refrigerators, garbage disposals, dishwashers, or microwaves. Whatever devices you replace, ensure it promotes green living.

Put in Recycling Cans or Compost Bins

When visiting a person’s home for the first time, you might ask if they recycle. That’s the same question Airbnb guests may ask to see if you are indeed a green listing. Composting and recycling are two eco-friendly options for controlling the amount of waste in your rental property and even condensing the amount of cleaning guests need to do before checking out. Keep a compost bin outside for guests to throw food scraps into. Use separate recycling bins for glass, plastic, and paper.

Become Eco-Friendly With Solar Panels

One popular way to become eco-friendly is with solar panels. Solar panels collect energy from the sun through power cells that travel to a grid, so it powers the property in the evening. Instead of placing panels around the property, consider putting them on your roof. You can put solar panels on any roof type, but hire a professional solar panel and roof installer first to save you money and time.

Give Guests Reusable Shopping Bags

Provide fun reusable shopping bags for guests to use during their trip. Reusable bags reduce plastic waste. They’re also convenient for guests to carry their belongings in, so they have everything they need to walk around with while going to the beach, on a picnic, or hiking local trails. Encourage your guests to take the bags home too.

Invest in Sustainable Toiletries

Everyone loves toiletries. Everybody can admit they’ve taken one or two toiletry items from hotel room bathrooms (your secret’s safe here). Stocking up on sustainable items is essential because the containers that hold conditioner, shampoo, and soap aren’t biodegradable. They end up in landfills and don’t break down.

The toiletry materials to stock up on include cotton, canvas, recycled plastic, and bamboo. You can find these items at various small businesses near you and online. These items can be taken and reused repeatedly, so don’t hesitate to encourage Airbnb guests to take the toiletries home. Now that you have all the ways to go green with your Airbnb rental, you can start advertising yourself as sustainable.