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Tips for Reducing the Incredible Stress of Moving

Tips for Reducing the Incredible Stress of Moving
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Ready for moving day? Second question: Is anyone ever ready for moving day? All those things to remember, as well as the hassle of overseeing every step of the process, can wear a person down. While there’s never a perfect way to remove all the stress, it is possible to approach moving from a calmer and more prepared position. Here are a few tips for reducing the incredible stress of moving. Good luck!

Hire Professional Packers

Getting people to show up with a truck might seem like the extent of hiring help to move, but it’s not. If you didn’t already know, there are professional packers out there, too! Hiring professional packers frees you up from the mind-numbing drudgery of picking up and sealing all your possessions into individual boxes. Hiring professional packers before a move is also advantageous because they know what they’re doing. They’ll minimize damage by providing boxes and other containers that protect perishables and breakables. They know exactly how to protect your possessions, down to the exact amount of tape or bubble wrap. Leave packing to the professionals!

Sweet Sanctuary!

Everything needs to be packed up and shipped off to the new place, but leave one room alone until the last day. This will be your sanctuary. The one place that isn’t beset by stacks of boxes, messy floors, and a serious lack of furniture. You don’t have to keep the room perfectly intact, but leave a chair, desk, and a place to decompress and review your schedule and strategy. Don’t make your home entirely inhospitable during this trying time. Have a safe space!

Be a Labeling Fiend

If something goes into a box, make sure the box tells you that it’s in there. General labels like “books” are fine for general-purpose things you won’t immediately use or even need on that first night in your new abode. However, clearly label boxes containing kitchenware, tools, office supplies, and other stuff you might need right away. You can go right to those boxes and find that screwdriver or coffee maker quickly rather than rifling through several boxes labeled “kitchen” or “tools.”

Treat Yourself!

Another tip for reducing the incredible stress of moving is to do little things for yourself to blow off steam. This can mean stopping for a treat or taking time to relax with a warm drink. More importantly, stay on top of your health. Stress can lower your immune system’s ability to protect you, so make sure you’re well-hydrated, eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising. (Though, there’s plenty of exercise in moving boxes up and downstairs at your current and new place!) Unpack quickly to relieve stress, but if it begins to interfere with your sense of well-being, stop, breathe, and take a walk.

Moving will always be stressful, but the amount of stress you experience is controllable. Look out for your own well-being so you can enjoy your new home!