Three Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Hand Dryers

Three Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Hand Dryers
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The hand-drying units currently in your commercial restroom are potentially costing your business significant amounts of money in the form of utility bills. Plus, your outdated technology isn’t that sanitary, putting the health and well-being of your building occupants and visitors at risk. Read on to learn the three reasons you should upgrade your hand dryers.

Outdated Hand Dryers Spread Germs

Hand dryers manufactured before the early 2000s are not nearly as sanitary as their modern counterparts. Older technology lacks the power capabilities and energy efficiency to produce a hygienic air stream. Instead, these hand dryers rely on hot air to evaporate moisture from your extremities.

However, this evaporation process is often incredibly inaccurate and, most notably, doesn’t fully remove germs and contamination from your hands. Plus, the heating components inside the hand dryers themselves are breeding grounds for dust, dirt, bacteria, and other hazardous materials! All negative aspects considered, outdated hand dryers don’t effectively dry extremities. Even worse, they can actively spread illness throughout your bathroom environment.

Modern Dryers Are Energy Efficient

Outdated hand dryers share one of two characteristics—subpar performance or overexertion. Both of these operating styles lead to inferior efficiency and, consequently, more expensive utility bills. Conversely, hand dryers manufactured after the early 2000s feature innovative technologies that prioritize energy and power efficiency. For example, top-brand hand dryers under 15 years old can hygienically dry extremities in mere seconds, saving energy consumption. Ultimately, updating your commercial bathroom’s hand dryers is an incredibly easy way to reduce operating expenses.

Automation Is More Hygienic

Another common feature of older hand dryers is buttons, levers, or related mechanical triggers that activate the unit itself. Many people touch these elements, exposing them to a plethora of bacteria every single day and creating a less hygienic restroom environment. Thankfully, modern hand dryers are almost always automatic and trigger via non-contact activation. This design eliminates cross-contamination and the spread of illness throughout your building.

You should upgrade your hand dryers for many reasons, from financial enhancement to improved sanitation. Regardless, modern hand drying units are a key feature of commercial restrooms and worth considering for your facilities.