Interesting Facts About Starbucks You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Starbucks You Should Know
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Interesting facts about Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain. Starbucks manages the largest chain of coffeehouses and roastery reserves around the world. It’s headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

Starbucks is the premier roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee in the world, operating in 83 markets. They sell coffee and a variety of high-quality food products throughout their private outlets, including mugs and tumblers. As their policy suggests, Starbucks is one of the most recognized and respected brands around the world.

Interesting Facts About Starbucks

  1. Starbucks is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.
  2. Starbucks was founded in 1971 by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker.
  3. In the 1980s, they sold the company to Howard Schultz.
  4. Howard Schultz acquired Starbucks in 1987 and rebranded his Il Giornale coffee outlets as Starbucks. After that, he quickly expanded the company.
  5. They trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (“NASDAQ”) under the symbol “SBUX.”
  6. Along with coffee they also sell Coffee beverages, smoothies, tea, baked goods, and sandwiches.
  7. They purchase and roast high-quality coffees.
  8. They sell processed products throughout the world with the company-operated stores along with handcrafted coffee, tea, and other beverages.
  9. Starbucks serves hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee, microground instant coffee known as VIA, espresso, caffe latte, full- and loose-leaf teas including Teavana tea products, Evolution Fresh juices, Frappuccino beverages, and much more. Starbucks operates multiple brands alongside its primary front.
  10. Apart from its main brand, Starbucks sells goods and services under different brands: Teavana, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Evolution Fresh, Ethos, Starbucks Reserve, and Princi.
  11. Starbucks earned a whopping revenue of 81% from company-operated stores during the fiscal year 2020.
  12. Starbucks employs different strategies for expanding its global retail business.
  13. They are increasing their category share in a disciplined manner, by selectively opening additional stores in new and existing markets, as well as increasing sales in existing stores.
  14. This way they are getting closer to their long-term goal of creating a respected and globally recognized brand.
  15. Starbucks serves about 83 countries.
  16. In 2019, they earned a whopping revenue of US$26.50 billion.
  17. As of September 2020, the company had 32,660 stores in 83 countries.
  18. As of September 2020, the company operates over 16,637 stores.
  19. As of September 2020, the company has licensed about 16,023 stores.
  20. Out of these 32,660 stores, 18,354 were located in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Americans are quite fond of coffee.
  21. Most of the stores offer free Wi-Fi, it depends on the country though.
  22. As of September 2020, Starbucks provides employment to about 349,000 people around the world which is more than Microsoft.
  23. Starbucks is quite a large corporation that owns different subsidiaries including Starbucks Coffee, Ethos Water, Evolution Fresh, Hear Music, La Boulange Bakery, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Teavana, and Torrefazione Italia.
  24. Starbucks has ranked 114th on the Fortune 500. It is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks 500 of the largest United States corporations by total revenue for their respective fiscal years.
  25. Starbucks has ranked 288th on the Forbes Global 2000. It is an annual ranking of the top 2,000 public companies in the world by Forbes magazine.
  26. The first Starbucks was opened in Seattle, Washington, in 1971 by an English teacher, history teacher, and writer.
  27. The first Starbucks store was located in Seattle at 2000 Western Avenue from 1971 to 1976.
  28. Initially, Starbucks stores sold just beans and not coffee drinks.
  29. During the first year, it purchased green coffee beans from Peet’s Coffee & Tea, then began buying directly from growers.
  30. In 1989, Starbucks was roasting more than 2,000,000 pounds (907,185 kg) of coffee annually.
  31. Starbucks offered its IPO (Initial Public Offering) in 1992.

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