Lesser Known Facts About PubG You Should Know

Lesser Known Facts About PubG You Should Know
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It is the best-selling, highest-grossing, and most-played video game of all time. The first version of the game was released for PC in December 2017. PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS was released in 2018.

The game generated a lot of hype around the world which also resulted in banning it from some countries, including India. Last week India edition of PUBG has been released for early access. In India, it will be available as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Let’s have a look at interesting things about PUBG.

Interesting Facts about PUBG

  1. It is an online multiplayer battle royale game. It was initially released on December 20, 2017. It’s a player vs player shooter game.
  2. At a time up to 100 players can participate in the battle royale fight. The last person alive or the surviving team wins the gameplay. A player can enter the gameplay solo, duo, or with a team of up to four players.
  3. Each play starts with the players landing from the parachutes launched from an airplane on one of the maps. The plane’s path varies with every match giving the players freedom to quickly eject their parachute and land on the ground.
  4. On landing, players start looking for different gears like weapons, vehicles, armors, etc. Initially, they don’t possess anything. The players can loot the gears, equipment of the killed player.
  5. The game is offered by PROXIMA BETA. It is a company based in Singapore and is part of Tencent. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
  6. PUBG has been developed using Unreal Engine 4. It is a game engine developed by Epic Games.
  7. PUBG is available for multiple platforms and operating systems, including, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Stadia.
  8. Within the shortest period of time frame, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds acquired a large market share. As of 21 June 2021, it has a total of 500,000,000+ installs from the Google play store. Android store alone counts for more than 500 million downloads.
  9. PUBG attracts the content rating for Teen, Violence & Blood. It is based on the mods created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene for other games. The game is directed by Brendan Greene & Jang Tae-Seok and produced by Kim Chang-Han.
  10. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017, followed by the full release in December 2017. It’s also released by Microsoft Studios for the Xbox One via its Xbox Game Preview.
  11. PUBG Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game version released for Android and iOS. It was released in 2018. In the same period, it was released for PlayStation 4 also. A Stadia streaming platform version was released in April 2020.
  12. As of 2020, the game has sold over 70 million copies for personal computers and game consoles.
  13. Despite some technical flaws the game received positive reviews from the critics. The game also attracted many accolades such as awards for “Best PC Game”, “Best Multiplayer”, and “Best Spectator Game” at the IGN Best of 2017 Awards.
  14. Along with that, it was also nominated for “Game of the Year” and “Best Shooter” awards. Eurogamer ranked PUBG fourth on their list of the “Top 50 Games of 2017.
  15. PUBG is attributed for popularizing the battle royale genre. A battle royale game is an online multiplayer game that blends last-man-standing gameplay with survival, exploration, and scavenging.
  16. The PUBG has attracted bans in some countries. In March 2019, it was banned in the Indian state of Gujarat on the grounds of addiction and disturbance in exams. Apart from India other countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Iraq also imposed bans for some time.
  17. The game has been relaunched in India under the name Battlegrounds Mobile India by Krafton following the ban imposed by the Government of India. Krafton Inc. is a South Korean video game created by Bluehole.


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