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Otto the skateboarding bulldog – Hall of Fame on Guinness World Records

Otto the skateboarding bulldog – Hall of Fame on Guinness World Records
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Otto: Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog

The otto bulldog achieving this record is from Lima, Peru. Otto completed the longest human tunnel traveled through by a dog skateboarder. For normal humans it could be a difficult thing, even with practice it looks difficult to attempt such stunts.
The bulldog has successfully attempted the travel and snatched the place of hall of fame on Guinness World Records. With his goofy-footed legitimate downhill steering skills, he did catch the limelight.
The dog owners got motivation from the existing record for “fastest dog on a skateboard”. The former record holder Tillman died in the year 2015. By seeing Tillman’s talent the duo got inspired to train their otto to attempt this amazing longest human tunnel travel.
One day, when Luciana and Otto were playing together, she saw her dog skateboarding toward her so fast that she had to open her legs for him to speed through without hitting her.
This is how Luciana first conjured up the idea to attempt the human tunnel record. Source: Guinness World Records
In the family, Otto has a companion named Lola. They enjoy everyday life together happily.
Otto has his offical fanpage too. He has a larger fanbase on social media. On Facebook, he has more than 92K followers at present.