Mistakes To Avoid With Solar Powered Lights

Mistakes To Avoid With Solar Powered Lights
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External lighting is an important factor for any business. You want to have a well-illuminated parking lot, and you may use wall-pack lights to help guide people along walkways or alert them to changes in elevation. Solar lighting is a great alternative to staying on the grid and can help save your business money in the long run. However, there are a few common mistakes you want to avoid with solar-powered lights to help ensure that you’re getting the most from your investment.

Improper Placements

It’s crucial to note how much sunlight your solar-powered fixtures will receive in the areas where you plan to place them. Typically, parking lot fixtures get enough light, but depending on the placement of your walls, certain fixtures may struggle to absorb enough light to convert into energy. Fortunately, there are ways to charge solar light fixtures without sunlight, but you should ensure they get as much natural sunlight throughout the day as possible.

Small Batteries

Generally, the purpose of solar-powered batteries is to absorb enough sunlight during the day so that the battery has enough power to run through the night. This system helps create an ongoing cycle that allows your light fixtures to run with minimal maintenance on your end. When you purchase an all-in-one solar light fixture, you can rest easy knowing that the battery should be large enough to complete such a task. However, when buying battery packs separate from light fixtures, you should speak with the manufacturer and check how long the estimated battery life is.

Excessive Lumens

Lumens are a unique feature of any light bulb that describes how bright the light is. One mistake to avoid making with solar-powered lights is to assume that more lumens indicate a better bulb. Excessive lumens on outdoor lighting can result in powerful glares and blinding lights that create safety hazards in areas where people operate vehicles.