It’s Corn! A Fun Guide to Corny Facts and Inspiration

It’s Corn! A Fun Guide to Corny Facts and Inspiration
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People have been farming corn for over 10,000, but its mundaneness makes it seem like a boring produce item to many people. If corn has ever seemed like a dull topic, then you’re where you need to be. After reading this fun guide to corny facts and inspiration, you’ll be looking at every kernel with a renewed sense of wonder!

Terminology Matters: Corn vs. Maize

Before we sink our teeth into our corn on the cob, let’s clear the field on terminology. In many parts of the world, “corn” refers generically to the predominant cereal crop of a region. In England, “corn” might mean “wheat,” and in Scotland and Ireland, it could mean “oats.” But in the Americas, “corn” is what the rest of the world typically refers to as “maize.” Even so, corn and maize are not quite the same thing. However you term it, this golden crop, with its sunny disposition, is a staple in many cultures.

Specs of the Average Corn Cob

Did you know that a standard cob almost always has an even number of rows? Typically, you can expect around 16 rows, and each cob is home to about 800 snugly packed kernels. These kernels are the true seeds of the plant, each one capable of sprouting a new corn plant under the right conditions.

World Records Related to Corn

Corn has stalked its way into Guinness World Records with some incredible feats. In western New York, the tallest corn plant reached a towering height of 45 feet—think of the ladder you’d need for that harvest! Equally impressive is how just this past year, a farm in Charles City, Virginia, produced a whopping 623.8439 bushels of corn per acre, setting the national record. And let’s not forget about the record for most people husking corn at a time (3,463) or the record for the most corn husked in a minute (13 cobs).

Corn-Inspired Dishes To Try

Since corn has been around for so long, people have invented so many creative recipes to consume this foundational crop. From sweet to savory, there’s no shortage of corn-inspired dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. If these facts have you thinking about making something with corn later, here are some ideas:

  • Chili with cornbread
  • Corn chowder
  • Tacos with corn tortillas
  • Summery corn salad
  • Corn casserole

Get creative with your options, and remember to improve your baking with essential hacks if you make cornbread!

We hope it’s been an absolute delight diving into this fun guide to corny facts and inspiration. By now, you should have a new appreciation for this versatile crop and be eager to try new recipes.