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Did you know these top 10 Interesting facts that blow your mind?

Did you know these top 10 Interesting facts that blow your mind?

The world is an interesting place, from smallest plant in nature to the largest planet in solar system, everything is an interesting thing. Everything in the universe has some kind of significance and we should not stop ourselves from appreciating those things. Here, we've curated top interest facts that will blow your mind with their amazing-ness.

The world is an amazing place filled with interesting things, trivia's and mysteries. Having a life-forms that are so intelligent which did create these amazing machines that automates everything for them, that stores those critical datas for longer period of times that imagined is mind-boggling thing to digest. But, but, but, today we're here to share top 10 interesting facts about anything that will blow your mind out.

1. What is the resolution of human eyes?

Human eye is 576 Megapixels. According to scientist and photographer Dr. Roger Clark, the resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels. That's huge when compared with any everyday cameras. Just imagine the quality of image captured with such high quality sensor.

Hats' off to nature for creating such a complex pattern that can handle more than 500+ megapixels without any lag. Source - Discovery



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