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Interesting Explanation Behind Everyday Objects

Interesting Explanation Behind Everyday Objects
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There are so many things in the world today that, though they seem simple, have a complex design and purpose. The world is full of items like this, but not many people fully understand why they are the way they are. Many of these everyday objects have interesting explanations that will give you a better appreciation of everything around you.

High Heels

High heels have long been something that women wear when they’re putting together outfits for special occasions. Whether they’re going to a fancy dinner or want to look more professional, these high heels are a staple in modern fashion. However, their roots are actually quite different. Before the 16th century, military men wore them to look more intimidating in battle. The heels would add multiple inches to the wearer’s height, and in the days of hand-to-hand combat, intimidation like this was critical in demotivating the opposition.

Maintenance Hole Covers

One thing that’s on almost every street that you may have never given a second thought about is maintenance hole covers. These maintenance holes are entrances to utility shafts for the sewer, but when they’re not in use, they need to be closed. If left open, people, items, vehicles, and animals could fall through or get stuck. Maintenance hole covers are important, but why are most of them round?

Most maintenance hole covers are round because, unlike other shapes, you can’t push a circle through a hole of the same size. This keeps the cover safe and secure over the maintenance hole. Additionally, these circle maintenance hole covers are more economical and easier to move than other shapes since you can roll them. Next time you see a maintenance hole cover, instead of just driving over it, you’ll give it a little extra consideration.

Super Glue

Super glue is something that every craftsperson has in their drawer, but arts and crafts wasn’t its original intention. Instead of being the next development of glue, it was something that a chemist developed in 1942 for medical purposes. Harry Coover, the inventor, designed this adhesive for emergency medical procedures where the chemical bonding could close up wounds or holes in a patient and their organs. This super glue had great versatility, and many hobbyists took note and began using this glue to join different objects together in their crafts.

Many craftspeople still use this superglue today, but in the medical world, surgeons and doctors have moved on to more stitches and medical glue that closes superficial cuts. Their glue is also multifaceted, so it can bind the skin together while also blocking the entry of harmful bacteria.

There are interesting explanations behind everyday objects, and when you learn more about them, you’ll have a better understanding and appreciation of the world around you. Additionally, learning more about these items will make you more curious and look at the world with a more inquisitive eye.