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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 9

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 9
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 9

  1. Being a control freak is a sign of vulnerable self-esteem. The better you feel about yourself the less you need to control everything around you. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  2. You can’t make someone do something just because you want them to. What you do have, however, is the opportunity to influence their choices. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  3. No matter how much you care about someone, you can’t take responsibility for their happiness. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  4. Unless you have a crystal ball you don’t know how the future is going to unfold. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  5. Don’t be attached to outcomes. Enjoy your experiences for what they are, what you have gained, and what you have learned. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  6. Choose your battles wisely. Unless you have a very high chance of victory, spare your energy and walk away ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  7. So many of life’s eventualities are beyond your control. Work out what things you can influence and come to a peaceful acceptance of the rest. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  8. Choose to be happy. It’s the only sensible option! ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  9. Don’t sabotage your chance for happiness. Own up to the real choices you are making. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  10. Self-pity never leads to happiness. Remind yourself that the situation may not be ideal, but it’s rarely the worst that could ever happen. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  11. There is no such thing as ‘no choice’. There are always other options. Explore yours. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  12. When you make a choice, acknowledge all the consequences. That way you won’t be left feeling compromised. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  13. Focus on what matters. Honor your values and make decisions that are aligned with them. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  14. True happiness is a state of being, not one of doing or having. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  15. Perfectionism is a lost cause. Focus your energy on being the best you can be. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  16. You only have one life. Make sure that yours is one you are happy to be living. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  17. Let go of the idea of winning or losing. In the game of life, the most important thing is just showing up and doing your best. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  18. When someone else doesn’t believe in you or your dreams, remember it’s about them, not you. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  19. When you believe in yourself it is easier not to take criticism, knock-backs, and disappointments personally ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  20. Don’t depend on others to fuel your self-belief. Develop your self-belief so that it becomes self-sustaining. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  21. The happiest, most successful people believe in themselves unconditionally. They know they can do, be and have all that they want in life. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  22. Examine your self-talk. Never speak to yourself more harshly than you would to a small child. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  23. Regardless of your upbringing or formative experiences, it is never too late to start believing in yourself. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  24. Your life paradigm is the set of beliefs or operating systems for your life. Make sure you choose one that supports lifelong happiness. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  25. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and believe in your right to achieve your dreams. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  26. Be mindful of the company you keep. Don’t let negative people cloud your vision. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  27. Don’t deny your emotions and force yourself to smile when you feel like crying. Cry, but learn to smile through your tears. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  28. Remember, however, bad things might be right now, this moment will pass and your life will continue to be a good one. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  29. Being optimistic isn’t about believing nothing can go wrong. An optimist acknowledges what can go wrong but expects things to go right. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  30. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. The worst that can happen is that you don’t succeed this time. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  31. See the world as being filled with positive potential. Focus your attention on your intention and make that potential a reality in your life. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  32. Most of the things that go wrong in life don’t have a lasting impact. Remind yourself that if it won’t matter in ten years’ time, it doesn’t matter today. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  33. Worrying doesn’t change anything. Focus your energy on the outcome you do want and then do what you can to make it happen. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  34. Your expectations determine your experience. Expect the best from life and you will usually get it. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  35. It’s okay to aspire to a better life, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the life you already have. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  36. Nobody’s life is perfect. Rather than wishing for things you don’t have, make the most of the things you do have. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  37. Having a vision is great, but don’t be so focused on the next goal that you forget to enjoy your achievements. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  38. Multi-tasking is stressful. You will get things done much faster if you do them one at a time. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  39. Be there when you are there. Don’t try to juggle all the roles in your life. Focus on the role you are playing and do it to the best of your ability. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  40. It’s hard to be present when your attention is suffering from information overload. Switch off and just sit still. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  41. Look for the joy in each and every day. Just because it isn’t immediately obvious, that doesn’t mean it’s not there. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  42. Nobody from your past should be held responsible for your future. The only person accountable for your future is you. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  43. Learning from the past can help you move forward. Lingering in the past will only hold you back. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  44. Accept the past, dream of the future, but live in the moment. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  45. The only thing you have total control over is who you choose to be. Be the best you can be. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  46. If you believe in yourself, anything and everything is possible. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  47. Be generous with your time and energy. The harder it is to give, the more the other person deserves it. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  48. Remember to afford yourself the same generosity you give to others. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  49. If you want to be the best you can be, don’t judge anyone. Not even yourself. ~ Domonique Bertolucci
  50. Most people are doing their best, most of the time. ~ Domonique Bertolucci

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