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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 78

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 78
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 78

  1. Practice form, recognize forms, hone your natural gift, and let everything you experience teach you to never be a comparison. This is how art lasts, by pulling form first from the past. ~ James Emlund
  2. The way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. ~ Linus Pauling
  3. I create beautiful art, so I can look back on the life my body fell short of in such a way that it brings me peace. ~ Nikki Rowe
  4. Art is about going a little nuts and justifying the next sentence. ~ Young-Ha Kim
  5. Because at night when others are sleeping, I drown myself in poetry. ~ Kamand Kojouri
  6. These poems are cups that I pour my life into. Here, Drink! ~ Kamand Kojouri
  7. To see things as the poet sees them I must share his consciousness and not attend to it; I must look where he looks and not turn round to face him; I must make of him not a spectacle but a pair of spectacles; in fine, as Professor Alexander would say, I must enjoy him and not contemplate him. ~ C.S. Lewis
  8. Let’s make room for the kind of art that challenges us, pushes boundaries, stirs and inspires, and takes our breath away with its uniqueness. Let’s reconnect with our artist souls and trust that if we make good art, we’ll make good money. ~ Teresa R. Funke
  9. The Art of Muses is the Bridge of Feeling. ~ Unknown
  10. Our art is never really ours. Each person who experiences it brings to it a piece of themselves and reacts to it in ways that stem from their personal struggles, beliefs, morals, and even hang-ups. ~ Teresa R. Funke
  11. We tend to think that what matters is decided by society or culture or religion or our peers, but no one can say what truly matters except us. ~ Teresa R. Funke
  12. We have to work and serve humanity while we have grace. ~ Unknown
  13. He did not falter, as long as there was a path that led toward his goal. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
  14. He is not the leader of great causes, but the broker of little ones. ~ Robert A. Caro
  15. Take the high road. People will rise up to join you or fall out of sight. ~ Shannon L. Alder
  16. You have a great talent for a great contribution to humanity. ~ Unknown
  17. Leaders inform, inspire and improve people. They educate, empower and enrich the value of their followers. They make impacts. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  18. Honesty is doing what you know or believe is right. Integrity is doing what is right and truthful. ~ Roy Bennett
  19. Simply thinking creatively is not the same as being innovative, and only those who risk breaking out of their comfort zone by putting thought into action will discover the profusion of opportunity that exists. ~ Michael Lum
  20. Tough times don’t last always. Your hard times are there to shape you and develop your character. It causes you to become more aware of life and you develop an attitude of gratitude. Don’t lose hope because it gets better. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  21. If you never try, you’ll never know. You are what you manifest. ~ Germany Kent
  22. A person who is truly cool is a work of art. And remember original works of art cost exponentially higher than imitations. Just take a look at the coolest people in history. They will always be a part of history for being extremely original individuals, not imitations. ~ Suzy Kassem
  23. A storyteller, a displaced poet, will absorb reading differently. ~ Richard Brookhiser
  24. Optimists are more qualified storytellers. ~ Tomorrowland
  25. The common goal of leaders is to increase the value and productivity of people. Leaders inspire others to do better than they would have done when not inspired. ~ Israelmore Ayivor
  26. Few of us realize our potential; because if we did, we would pursue our passion and walk in our purpose. ~ Germany Kent
  27. You have to be a light to yourself in a world that is utterly becoming dark. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
  28. You say I can’t do it because you can’t. Mohammed Ali ~ Davis Miller
  29. Perhaps Ali’s most significant talent with the ability to transport people past thoughts and words to a world of feeling and play. ~ Davis Miller
  30. Avner had lived too long and become too canny to claim the crown of Israel for himself. ~ Geraldine Brooks
  31. The greatest part of our existence enfolds in service of humanity. ~ Unknown
  32. His level of experience is nearly transcendent. ~ Davis Miller
  33. The author characterizes Hamilton’s tone in the Federalist papers by saying that he never spoke of problems but of being at the last stage in the crisis. ~ John Ferling
  34. There are proven ways to win the loyalty of tough, strong, ferocious men: play on the certain knowledge of their superiority, the mystique of secret covenant, the esprit of shared suffering. ~ Frank Herbert
  35. He made his character his platform. ~ H.W. Brands
  36. I can see that spark coming back when he talks about the future. ~ H.W. Brands
  37. Greatness is a transitory experience. It is never consistent. It depends in part on the myth-making imagination of humankind. The person who experiences greatness must have a feeling for the myth he is in. He must reflect on what is projected upon him. ~ Frank Herbert
  38. Chronicling the mid-1970s up session with Gerald Ford’s clumsiness, the author quotes a medieval maxim that the king has two bodies. The head of state has a physical body like everyone else, but he also represents the body politic, either reflecting its majesty or its weakness. ~ Rick Perlstein
  39. He talks to people’s grievances, but he doesn’t seem mad. – Elizabeth Drew ~ Rick Perlstein
  40. It was not because I had a strong sense of the virtue of industry, but because Joe had a strong sense of the virtue of industry, that I worked with tolerable zeal against the grain. ~ Charles Dickens
  41. What other country has had the privilege of making the world’s heartbeat faster? ~ Barbara W. Tuchman
  42. When efforts are wisely executed, the situation and condition don’t affect the performance. ~ Ashish Patel
  43. The elegance under pressure is the result of fearlessness. ~ Ashish Patel
  44. Awesome ‪‎Leadership‬ is encouraging others to take initiative, challenge what is status quo improve it, and feel pride in their commitment~bns~ ~ Bluenscottish
  45. True Leaders possess good core values and will align themselves with like-thinking people to grow their leadership and prosper in Integrity~bns ~ Bluenscottish
  46. Jesus does not suffer so as to exclude your suffering. He bears a cross, not that you may escape it, but that you may endure it. ~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  47. Dream without fear, love without limits and let your life sing its song. ~ Dilip Bathija
  48. I would follow such beauty, said something inside Ender. I would see as those eyes see. ~ Orson Scott Card
  49. Success is a process, not an event. ~ Richie Norton
  50. The most powerful way of being able to listen to your own intuition is by being silent. Find a quiet space, slow down and calm your mind. Your goal is to eliminate all that noise going through your head – all those thoughts that appear from nowhere. ~ Nigel Cumberland

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