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Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 108

Top 9000+ Inspirational Quotes Series Part 108
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The series will publish lists of motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. The page will guide you through all the articles published under this series. By reading these inspiring quotes you will get a daily dose of inspiration & motivation.

Inspirational Quotes Series Part 108

  1. More often than not, an inspirational or motivational speaker is someone who makes money by telling us that we can do all of the things that we can do … and pretty much all of the things that we cannot do. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
  2. Creativity and intelligence, rather than violence, are the best problem solvers. ~ Don Roff
  3. Though its reasons to burn may vary… you are always the fuel of my fire. ~ Ranata Suzuki
  4. When Learning to “LOVE YOURSELF”, you attract two types of energies: Lovers & Haters. Lovers should take you higher, haters should inspire. Both should give you fire to illuminate your environment. ~ Ace Antonio Hall
  5. Our government says people must not take law into their own hands But has given the law in the hands of people who are in power. That is why people who are in power are always corrupt, arrogant, violent, Aggressive, selfish, and don’t care about anyone. They get away with all the bad things they do that Is criminating unlawful and injustice ~ De philosopher DJ Kyos
  6. Some women think being arrogant, selfish, bitter, and looking down on others are qualities of being an Independent, strong, powerful, and successful businesswoman. No matter how high you are in life. Never look down on others and never forget humanity. ~ De philosopher DJ Kyos
  7. Your looks will introduce you, but your character and personality will make them to like you, love you and they would want to keep you. ~ De philosopher DJ Kyos
  8. I’ve got some questions, Are you sick of feelin’ sorry? And people sayin’ not to worry? Sick of hearing this Hakuna Matata motto, From people who won the lotto, We’re not that lucky. Have you noticed that you’re breathing? Look around and count your blessings, So when you’re sick of all this stressin’ and guessin’ I’m suggestin’ you turn this up and let them hear you sing it ~ Set it off
  9. People who believe they have bad luck create bad luck. Those who believe they are very fortunate, that the world is a generous place filled with trustworthy people, live in exactly that kind of world. ~ Chris Prentiss
  10. It’s amazing how close I have been, all this time, to my old life. And yet the distance that divides me from it is vast. ~ Lauren Oliver
  11. If not in the moment, where do you propose to live? ~ Na’ama Yehuda
  12. It does not manifest so that you can believe in it. You believe in it so that it can manifest. ~ Lauren Zimmerman
  13. If the thought inspires you, and it feels good and right…it is yours, alone, to exercise. So get right on it! ~ T.F. Hodge
  14. Your life is a movie. You are the main character. You say your scripts and act to your lines. Of course, you do your lines in each scene. There is a hidden camera and a director who you can ask for help anytime up above. ~ Diana Rose Morcilla
  15. I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again. ~ Anaïs Nin
  16. Head up, heart open. To better days! ~ T.F. Hodge
  17. Dreams link us to those who have already left this life. ~ Doug Dillon
  18. If you are a Buddhist, inspire yourself by thinking of the bodhisattva. If you are a Christian, think of Christ, who came not to be served by others but to serve them in joy, in peace, and in generosity. For these things, these are not mere words, but acts, which go all the way, right up to their last breath. Even their death is a gift, and resurrection is born from this kind of death. (157) ~ Jean-Yves Leloup
  19. We only live once. We all have an expiration date after that we will never come again. I am not saying that to make you sad. I am saying that so you can cherish each moment in your life and be grateful that you are here and you are Special ~ Pablo
  20. Some people are disappointed in their life because they are trying to use the tools that God did not authorise them to use in their life, trying to build on a purpose that is not even attached to their personalities. ~ Patience Johnson
  21. God’s voice will be heard in the cave but only His visions will be revealed to you on the mountain. (A bit deep). God will always love you and will always speak to you but when you lose your perspective, you won’t see his plan. ~ Patience Johnson
  22. I am so glad that God’s disappointment in me is not greater than his love and I still have a Destiny. I am growing in grace and mercy because that is the only soil that can produce the kind of life that God desires. ~ Patience Johnson
  23. We are all planted in God’s vineyard and our lives are filled with potentials and purpose and we have all been given the hopes to anchor our lives even in the most disappointing times. So God is waiting to see what you and I will make out of the raw materials that He has given to us. He is waiting to see what we will make out of the discouragement and disappointment. I believe that in those deepest places of disappointment that the greatest grace will manifest. ~ Patience Johnson
  24. In God’s presence, I find the peace that is much deeper than any disappointment. I will grow and I understand I can’t grow myself, that is why I need God and His grace. ~ Patience Johnson
  25. People run around looking for millions of likes in their life and on social media but do you know what? If you get just one true like from just one who loves you the most, it surpasses all other millions. God loves you the most even without a makeover. ~ Patience Johnson
  26. If you can’t see the assets in you, it will be hard for you to export them to the world. Recognize who you are and the world will recognize you. ~ Patience Johnson
  27. You can’t disappoint what God has appointed. ~ Patience Johnson
  28. You don’t have to position yourself in front of people to be used by God. You don’t have to convince anyone that you are good enough for the voice of God, just be grateful that God chooses who He wills and once He is ready to use you, no devil in hell can stop Him. ~ Patience Johnson
  29. Sometimes we want God to use us to do big things when we would not even want to do the basics. ~ Patience Johnson
  30. Some people want to kill Goliath but they do not want to attend to sheep. How can God use you to kill giants if you cannot follow simple instructions? ~ Patience Johnson
  31. We always think that God’s presence is always provided to fix our problems but what if God’s presence is more about fixing our perspectives? So that you will have a new way to see your problems. If you didn’t make your bed before leaving home this morning, no angel is going to make your bed for you, it is still going to be as you left it till you come back. ~ Patience Johnson
  32. God wants to use you right where you are with what you have not what you do not have. ~ Patience Johnson
  33. Don’t think because you can’t affect something at a great level that God can’t use you in a great way. David didn’t even train one day with the armies but He won the war. He didn’t even have a weapon but he killed a giant. ~ Patience Johnson
  34. Be anxious for nothing, be concerned about the state of your soul and that of your children, be concerned about God’s work in the world; these are a genuine concerns but when it comes to the things in your life…..be not anxious. If God is for us who can be against us? ~ Patience Johnson
  35. I don’t just have only the peace of God, I do also have a God who gives peace, not just resources but the revelation of His presence. ~ Patience Johnson
  36. Blind barthimus used his mouth and his feet to affect what wasn’t working in his life? What do you use to affect what’s not working in your life? God is not interested in your perfection, He is interested in your participation. It is your participation that attracts the presence of God. ~ Patience Johnson
  37. In dealing with us, God always starts with our motives. What do you want for the people? What does God want for his people? What do you want Him to do for you; that’s is a starting place. ~ Patience Johnson
  38. Have you ever asked yourself this question “what can God do through me?” The preacher has no platform if the people have no sense of mission. ~ Patience Johnson
  39. God’s perspectives require persistence. To have God’s perspective in the world we live in requires persistence. ~ Patience Johnson
  40. Real faith looks beneath the surface. Real faith knows that faith works sometimes in dark places. Real faith knows that sometimes in order to see a change, you will have to steer through your situation to really see it. ~ Patience Johnson
  41. Sometimes God wraps destiny in what we perceive as just another day. The same day that David’s father asked him to go and deliver bread to his brothers in the field was the same day that God used him to bring Goliath down. Take every minute in your life seriously. ~ Patience Johnson
  42. You will always end up in frustration whenever you try to produce outside your purpose. ~ Patience Johnson
  43. Sometimes the fact that you can’t sense God isn’t an indication that He is not there. It is just an indication that you are hanging out in the wrong place. The cave is not a physical location, it is a state of mind. ~ Patience Johnson
  44. Ljubav se moze pojaviti u najcudnijim oblicima.Zato je i cesto pomesamo sa necim sto ljubav nikada nece biti. ~ Tamara Stamenkovic
  45. An attitude adjustment from the inside out is what it will take to get you to change direction. The truth is God is on your side, no matter how far you’ve wandered. He still loves you. He still needs you. Your sins don’t define you. He does. ~ Toni Sorenson
  46. Positive minds full of faith and hope produce positive lives. ~ Toni Sorenson
  47. When we take our doubts and questions to Christ, we get truthful answers. We get complete answers. We get the love, wisdom, and support we need. ~ Toni Sorenson
  48. It does not matter where you are—from this very moment on you choose the direction of your life. ~ Toni Sorenson
  49. Inevitably, mistakes are going to happen, sin is going to win a round or two in the battle of life, but there is always, always, always a way back because Jesus Christ has our backs. ~ Toni Sorenson
  50. Let go and let God. Don’t dwell on your past mistakes. When you do that, your past keeps you from moving forward. The wonder of the Atonement is that you don’t have to be the same person you were yesterday, last year, or even a minute ago. Through Christ, and through the power of repentance, you are continually being reborn. ~ Toni Sorenson
  51. I Am! Two powerful words…. You must confess… I Am who God called me to be. I Am a Success. I Am not what you think of me. I Am more than a conqueror. I Am walking by Faith. I Am a Gift. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  52. Remember diamonds are created under pressure so hold on, it will be your time to shine soon. ~ Sope Agbelusi
  53. They took one look at me And hated my black face. They took one look at me And decided on my fate. They took one look at me And forced an unknown fear. They took one look at me And caused the shed of tears. They took one look at me And decided I was wrong. They took one look at me, And now I’m singing the slave mans song… ~ N’Zuri Za Austin
  54. Once your soul is awakened, you never return to the sleepwalking state of mind. Some people become complacent in life. They are just going through the motions and not aware of the truth. Seek the knowledge, wisdom, and understandings that vivify your existence. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  55. God can take the ordinary and create the extraordinary. Our incredible God has the power to transform your simple life and give you the life of your dreams. Remarkable things happen in your life when you believe. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  56. Do you know that you can be surrounded by all these blessings, all these relationships, goodness, provisions, opportunities? But if you don’t know how to turn the blessing into praise, it will turn into pride and your life will never be filled with joy because your heart has holes in it. ~ Patience Johnson
  57. I have learned to thank God for what I cannot see, I have learned to trust God with what I cannot. ~ Patience Johnson
  58. Learn to eat with your enemies all around you but most of all thank God for his presence. Keep your eyes fixed to the presence of God in the presence of your enemies. ~ Patience Johnson
  59. God prepared a table before me in the presence of my insecurity, in the presence of my deficits, in the presence of my addictions, in the presence of my confusions, in the presence of what I have lost, in the presence of the threat that I won’t make it, in the presence of my enemies, I am looking straight ahead. ~ Patience Johnson
  60. When you learn to have the heart of praise in the presence of your enemies, you set the table; if you can work with God in darkness enough depending on the light that He showed you in the last season, you will learn to read your enemies as a sign that it is time to eat. ( a bit deep). Whenever you sense a crisis in your life, note that your harvest is near. ~ Patience Johnson
  61. God made my enemies serve me in my absence. God made the things that conspired to destroy me feed me into the place that He was preparing for me. I am a big girl and I can handle trouble and my enemies. ~ Patience Johnson
  62. The things I call crisis and all the things that were coming after I am all coming to serve the purpose of God in my life. ~ Patience Johnson
  63. When you praise God in pain, it is preparing you for provision. ~ Patience Johnson
  64. I have my priorities and I know my purpose. I do not Praise God because of my pain but I praise Him because of what the pain is producing. ~ Patience Johnson
  65. I have graduated to the extent of not asking what is happening in my life because I trust the maker(God). ~ Patience Johnson
  66. When you do away with God you become your own god, because you recognize no greater power in the universe than yourself. ~ Patience Johnson
  67. If you can feed in the presence of your enemies, if you can be blessed under the weight of burdens, when you praise God in pain, it is preparation for provision. ~ Patience Johnson
  68. Maybe what you need in your life is not the next level of accomplishment or the next level of accumulation but the next level of appreciation for what you have; that will set the stage to make a space for what you will accumulate in the future. ( a bit deep) Simply put thank God for now before setting the goal for tomorrow because if you grow in gifts and didn’t grow in gratitude, you have gained nothing. ~ Patience Johnson
  69. If God gives you a gift and you don’t know what to do with it, it won’t make you happy. Some of you God gave a wonderful husband but you can’t make a home and some of you God gave a wonderful wife but you can’t make a good husband. Some of you can’t even unwrap the gift so that you can appreciate it. ~ Patience Johnson
  70. All my pains have always increased my sense of purpose. ~ Patience Johnson
  71. Whenever you are in transition it is always important to choose the words that you use. You call it crises in your life and I call it transition. ~ Patience Johnson
  72. You may have fallen down, but you can get back up again. You may have doors shut, but new doors will open for you. You may have been lied to, but the truth will come to the light. You may have been hurt, but the pain will pass. You are a survivor. You have a history of surviving. ~ Amaka Imani Nkosazana
  73. I do not have any trust fund, I have always trusted God for all my funds. ~ Patience Johnson
  74. Parents, never make church and studying the word of God optional for your children. If they are in your house, get them up, teach them the word of God, the greatest awards, Ph.D. or achievements any child could have is to grow up in the word of God. I and my family are living witnesses and it is extending to our third generation. ~ Patience Johnson
  75. I didn’t come from a successful lineage but I am so glad that my earthly lineage is not my final story because when I gave my life to Jesus twelve years back, God interrupted my story. ~ Patience Johnson
  76. My advice for those of you who felt being marginalized, undervalued, and taken for granted; guess what? That is the Arena where God creates Leaders. ~ Patience Johnson
  77. There is a remedy and there is hope but the remedy is not in the political party or in places that will take you away from hope. You better run to God, that is the only place you can find both. ~ Patience Johnson
  78. There is power in the word of God if used properly. ~ Patience Johnson
  79. Whenever someone is a threat to the enemy there will be an attack dispatched against that person to try to minimize their effectiveness. ~ Patience Johnson
  80. Surrounded by enemies, surrounded by evil, surrounded by darkness, injustice…….” don’t be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are with them”2 Kings 6:16 ~ Patience Johnson
  81. All of my life God has allowed me to share prospects with people who are different. You cannot lead people whose perspective you are not willing to understand. ~ Patience Johnson
  82. I am so happy that I grew up knowing the word of God, the spirit of discernment in me is 24hrs activated, I can differentiate between light and darkness. I put on the amour of God even when the whole world is going to hell, I refuse to join them. The light in me shall overshadow every power of darkness. ~ Patience Johnson
  83. I have the word of God and my bible is very interesting, this book was conceived in battle, Jesus Christ our Saviour was conceived in brokenness, out of barrenness to redeem a people who were in bondage to their sin. I know exactly where to go when the people start getting confused, trading lies for truth, buying injustice for justice, and even when the media starts to show me the prospects of the world that I am living in, I have my perspective from the word of God. ~ Patience Johnson
  84. The conflict hasn’t gotten worst but the contest has really changed…………. ~ Patience Johnson
  85. Conflict is much the same, injustice and inequality are nothing new to our generation only the contest has changed because not only that everyone has an opinion but they also have an opportunity to voice it and that is a bit dangerous. ~ Patience Johnson
  86. Five minutes after something happened might not be the best time for you to get into your Facebook and tell everybody. Men’s panic does not produce God’s power. ~ Patience Johnson
  87. God always wants us to see things from heaven’s perspective. You may not be doing much for your community but what you are is so important. You are significant. ~ Patience Johnson
  88. The presence of crisis does not prove the absence of God. I think in times of crisis Christians should rise up and point to the world on something bigger. The crisis is an opportunity for us to proclaim to the children of darkness what we proclaim in the light. ~ Patience Johnson
  89. I don’t want to settle down because God has satisfied me and heard my prayers. I want to stay hungry and thirsty for the things of God. ~ Patience Johnson
  90. How about we be the light of Jesus Christ? There are things we tend to forget when fear becomes the driving force. The world is filled with a lot of questions now; what do we do? Who do we elect? How do we fix this? Some people feel powerless in those ways. Helpless, hopeless, confused, overwhelmed. What do we do? My answer: Stop looking for practical advice “don’t be afraid ” “those who are with us are more than those who are with them”2 kings 6:16 ~ Patience Johnson
  91. Be careful the mistake of yesterday always lives with tomorrow. ~ Patience Johnson
  92. There must be something that God knows about the fear that we don’t know. I am sure He knows that when you are in a state of fear, you can’t fix anything. When we are in a state of fear we can’t talk about anything reasonable and we can’t solve anything. That is the problem because the media throws all lies on us to create fear and we fall for it….Number one is Satan’s strategy of getting some people trapped. ~ Patience Johnson
  93. The agenda of the Media is not to inform you, they don’t care about you, they are trying to show you the truth. There are some intelligent Christians but they can’t find them and put them on the air …for instance me ~ Patience Johnson
  94. Before we can fix the situation, we have to first see the situation, the world can’t see straight right now, some are blinded by hatred, rage, fear, skepticism, some are blinded by their pains. We need to pray…pray that God opens our eyes to see the problem from the source and not from the surface. You cannot solve a situation that you cannot see correctly. ~ Patience Johnson
  95. This is not the first time that the world has been in a mess but you are still God, you left us on the earth, not only to preach in a building but to be the church beyond the buildings. ~ Patience Johnson
  96. At a time like this maybe the world is looking at us not just at a miracle crusade or Sunday church service but the way we are living. Maybe they want to see whether what our Master left for us worked for us; there is a counter spirit to the spirit of fear, it is the love of God. ~ Patience Johnson
  97. Man’s panic does not produce God’s power. sometimes you need to pray before you post on social media. ~ Patience Johnson
  98. Christians we cannot be allowed to be fractured at a time like this. There are more of us, there are more light in us than in the agents of darkness. ~ Patience Johnson
  99. If you never listen, you can’t see. The devil has got so many people so disconnected that they cannot even listen or even sense when the Lord is speaking. ~ Patience Johnson
  100. Sometimes what not to do is more important than what to do. Sometimes when you are in crisis, when frustration is high, or when you are under pressure, what you don’t do is more important than what you do. Don’t be afraid. …. ~ Patience Johnson

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