How To Safely Store Your Golf Cart for the Summer

How To Safely Store Your Golf Cart for the Summer
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Cruising around the neighborhood in your own golf cart is an enjoyable feeling. However, maybe you don’t put as many miles on your cart in the summer because it’s too hot outside or because you’re going away for a few months. No matter what the reason is, you should know how to safely store your golf cart for the summer so you don’t damage it and lessen its value.

Give It a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning your golf cart before putting it in storage is always a great idea. There’s probably a fair amount of dirt and dust on it from driving it around. You don’t want to leave that filth caked on if you’re leaving the cart alone for several weeks or even months. Prolonged exposure to dirt may damage and weaken the paint, leaving your cart looking worse for wear. So clean your cart before putting it away. You may also want to give it another cleaning or have someone else take care of it if you plan on being gone for an extended period.

Disconnect the Battery

One of the most essential parts of your golf cart is the battery. Modern golf carts primarily use lithium batteries instead of the older lead-acid models. Safely storing lithium batteries enables you to get a longer, more robust lifespan from your golf cart. Before storage, disconnect the battery from the cart and put it in a secure area. Also, while many chargers have fail-safes to prevent overcharging, we don’t recommend leaving your battery on the charger during this storage period.

Protect It From the Elements

You need to take special precautions against the elements if you want to safely store your golf cart for the summer. You don’t want to leave your golf cart outside. Extended exposure to the sun or rain may cause permanent cosmetic or mechanical damage, leaving your cart in worse condition by the time you come back. Ideally, you want to keep your cart in a shed away from the outdoor elements. We recommend investing in a protective cover or keeping it underneath a carport if a proper storage unit is unavailable.