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How To Patch a Hole in a Solid Wood Door

How To Patch a Hole in a Solid Wood Door
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Accidents are always bound to happen! Although you have a sturdy solid wood door that’s scratch resistant and strong, it may unexpectedly endure an impact that results in a hole.

Instead of replacing the door entirely, you can use another solution! Read about how to patch a hole in a solid wood door by yourself!

Prepare a Safe Workspace

It’s crucial to have a sturdy and safe workspace for this project. First, remove the door from the hinges. Create a flat surface for the door to rest on.

Don’t begin working on the project until you have protective gloves, eyewear, and clothes covering the arms and legs. These precautions will keep you safe throughout the repair.

Fill the Hole With a Dowel

A dowel is a small peg of wood people commonly use to fasten structures together. If you’ve ever built furniture from a store, you’ve likely used a dowel to attach the parts together.

In this case, use a dowel that’s roughly the same diameter as the hole in the door. If needed, cut the length so that the dowel matches the depth of the hole. Use wood glue on one end to adhere the dowel to the solid wood. Once the glue dries, you can move on to implementing wood filler.

Add Wood Filler on Top of the Dowel

The next step for patching the hole in a solid wood door is to add wood filler on top of the dowel. You want the dowel to conduct most of the repair. Wood filler is a simple supplement to cover and close the affected area. Remember to choose a filler that’s easy to stain and finish to match the rest of the door.

Sand the Filler Until It’s Flush With the Door

Since you applied the wood filler as evenly as possible, a few bumps or imperfections might be sitting above the wood. Use 120-grit sandpaper to make the wood filler flush with the rest of the door. Remember to avoid putting too much pressure on the sandpaper. The wood filler will easily become smooth by lightly applying the sandpaper.

Apply the Finishing Touch

The final step is to paint or stain the repaired region to match the wood door. If you’ve painted your door a bold color, prime and paint the area so that it fits seamlessly.

Other doors that highlight the wood’s natural color will require a stain and finish to repair the spot. Use the same products that you’ve used in the past to complete the door’s elegant appearance. Suddenly, your door will appear like it never had a hole in the first place!

If there’s an existing hole on one of the panels, this DIY project is unlikely to work. Instead, follow the steps to replace a damaged wood door panel so that you don’t have to buy a brand-new door! All you need are the right tools and a new panel to take care of the repair.