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How To Maintain a Fabric Building so It Lasts

How To Maintain a Fabric Building so It Lasts
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Fabric buildings are durable structures that can last decades with proper care and maintenance. However, they aren’t indestructible. As your fabric building faces the elements, it must receive maintenance to extend its lifespan. Whether you use fabric buildings as airplane hangars or construction buildings, you must know how to maintain a fabric building so it lasts.

Keep Fabric Clean

Fabric buildings must stand up to a slew of environmental factors every single day. Over time, branches, leaves, and even corrosive materials like bird droppings can build up and cause damage to the fabric. Regularly cleaning your fabric building helps it look and stay in top shape. Fortunately, cleaning a fabric building is easy. All you need is water, a mild detergent, and a soft brush or sponge.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Alongside routine cleaning, schedule routine inspections as part of your building’s maintenance. Inspections will allow you to catch problems with your structure earlier on. This will allow you to repair them before they get worse. In addition to routine maintenance inspections, always inspect your structure after inclement weather. Storms can wear down your structure, so always check that no damage has occurred.

Ensure Proper Fabric Tension

To last, the fabric on the exterior of your building must have the proper tension. Regularly revisit your fabric covering and ensure it’s still taut in all directions. Though the fabric used on fabric buildings doesn’t usually stretch over time, it can become looser due to the weather or exposure to the elements.

Repair Damage As It Occurs

Sometimes damage is unavoidable. Knowing how to care for a damaged fabric building and taking care of any damage as soon as it occurs is crucial to increasing its longevity. Though trying to fix the damage on your own may be tempting, always contact your original installer before starting any DIY projects. Otherwise, you run the risk of making matters worse.

No one wants to have to replace their fabric building every few years. Now that you know how to maintain a fabric building so it lasts, you can extend your structure’s lifespan for years to come. That’s a lot of reward in exchange for a small amount of time spent on maintenance tasks!