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Best Merchandise Items for Custom Embroidery

Best Merchandise Items for Custom Embroidery
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Creating custom merchandise is a smart way to increase your business’s brand recognition and encourage customer loyalty. If you’re considering using embroidery services to customize merchandise for your business, you should prepare by knowing your options. Here are some of the best merchandise items for custom embroidery.

Embroidered Shirts and Hoodies

Apparel items are some of the most popular options for custom embroidery. Many businesses create custom apparel to either sell or give away as gifts to customers. Designing custom apparel is a popular choice for merchandise because it displays your business’s logo front and center. There are also many options to choose from when it comes to apparel merchandise, including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, baseball shirts, tank tops, and many other styles. Having so many options allows you to create custom merchandise that appeals to anyone in your target audience.

Embroidered Hats

Another popular custom merchandise option for embroidery is creating custom hats. Hats have superior longevity over other types of merchandise items due to their design and high-quality materials. You don’t wash hats very often, and when you do, it’s best to wash them gently by hand. This increases their longevity, which means more time for customers to wear your business’s logo. There are also many styles of hat embroidery that are equally as long lasting and durable. Plus, structured hats with a formed crown provide a solid foundation for embroidery machines and are quick and easy to customize.

Embroidered Bags

Embroidered bags are some of the most practical merchandise items. If you want to create custom merchandise that your customers are more likely to use every day, consider embroidering different types of bags and totes. Invest in assorted styles of bags, such as tote bags, duffle bags, and purses, and embroider them with your business’s logo or slogan. Whenever your customers use these bags during their travels or shopping trips, they’ll help share your logo and increase brand recognition.

Embroidered Blankets

Finally, if you’re looking for another popular and practical option, consider embroidering blankets for your business. Blankets are ideal for certain types of businesses, such as outdoor or home decorating companies. However, if you want a more unique option, embroidered blankets are smart merchandise choices when approaching the cooler fall weather.

If you’re planning to add custom merchandise to your business’s product lineup or marketing program, consider the best options for custom embroidery. Think about your target audience and which products will resonate most with their preferences and needs to find the best option for you.