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Benefits of Installing a Storm Door on Your Mobile Home

Benefits of Installing a Storm Door on Your Mobile Home
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Everybody wants to live in a secure yet inviting home. Storm doors are additional doors that homeowners install on the exterior of their homes. Traditionally, storm doors have heavier metal frames with thick, shatter-proof glass windows. There are many different makes, models, and styles of these exterior doors, and homeowners may want to consider the benefits of installing a storm door on their mobile homes.

Additional Protection

The most notable advantage of a storm door is that it helps protect your home from adverse weather conditions. People that live in areas with heavy rainstorms, snow, wind, or hail generally install these doors to act as a barrier that protects the original front door and reduces the chance of water getting inside. Storm doors also provide additional home security by including their own locks, working to help prevent intruders from entering through the front door. Fortunately, installing or replacing a door is a relatively straightforward project that homeowners can do themselves.

Natural Light

Another benefit of installing a storm door on your mobile home is that the glass panes allow more natural light into your home when you leave your front door open. Some storm doors enable homeowners to shift or remove the glass panes in favor of screens, increasing airflow in a way that helps keep insects out. A more transparent door allows guests to feel welcome and comfortable when approaching the front door, as it provides a window into the home.

Energy Efficiency

Storm doors don’t just prevent rain, wind, and bugs from getting into your home. The thick glass and unique structure of a storm door also work to keep temperature and humidity from escaping your home. Storm doors can help reduce energy loss by around 50 percent and save homeowners a lot of money on their utility bills. Your storm door helps act like a layer of insulation whether you’re running the air conditioner in the summer or the heater in the winter. It keeps your home temperature comfortable without using as much power.