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Be Kind to Yourself: Self-Affirmations To Do While Grieving

Be Kind to Yourself: Self-Affirmations To Do While Grieving
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Grieving is a process every person confronts after losing someone close to them. Whether you lost a friend, spouse, parent, or another family member, this process can be difficult. Taking care of yourself while grieving is an essential practice to do for yourself. And one of the best ways to do that is with affirmations. Be kind to yourself while grieving, and try out self-affirmations. These declarations help you maintain a positive mindset and remind you that you’re strong and resilient, no matter what comes your way.

1. “I Am Allowed To Feel My Emotions.”

You’re allowed to feel sadness, anger, and joy while grieving. During trying times, we often feel guilty for laughing or enjoying life. But sometimes you’ve gotta live to grieve. You don’t need to justify or suppress them. Tell yourself, “I am allowed to feel my emotions,” and permit yourself to experience the full range of feelings that come with grief.

2. “I Choose To Focus on the Good Memories.”

It’s easy to feel stuck in pain and regret when we lose someone. However, focusing on the good memories can help you find comfort. Tell yourself, “I choose to focus on the good memories,” and think about the positive experiences you had with your loved one. It doesn’t mean you won’t miss them or feel sad, but it can balance the negative feelings.

3. “I Am Strong Enough To Get Through This.”

The grieving process can feel like an unbeatable obstacle, but you’re stronger than you think. You have come this far and will still come out of this strong. Tell yourself, “I am strong enough to get through this,” and believe in your resilience. You need to do this process on your own, but there’s nothing wrong with leaning on friends, family, or professionals for support. You can get through this—remind yourself of that every day.

4. “I Am Not Alone in My Grief.”

Grief is a process that feels isolating, but you’re not alone. Many have gone through similar experiences and can relate to your feelings. Tell yourself, “I am not alone in my grief,” and contact support groups or friends with similar experiences. Connecting with others can help you feel less alone and give you a sense of community.

5. “I Am Worthy of Love and Kindness.”

It’s easy to feel unworthy of happiness or love during the grieving process. However, you are deserving of love, especially from yourself. Tell yourself, “I am worthy of love and kindness,” and practice self-care while grieving. Do activities like exercising, eating well, and returning to an old hobby. Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend.

Grieving is a difficult process. But by practicing self-affirmations while grieving, you can help yourself stay positive and focused on the good things in life. Remember to practice gratitude, be kind to yourself, focus on acceptance, connect with others, and take care of yourself.