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4 Things To Do With Your Car Before You Go on Vacation

4 Things To Do With Your Car Before You Go on Vacation
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If you’re planning your dream vacation or need to be on the road or overseas for work for a while, don’t forget to ensure your car is in good shape when you get back home. Many times, people remember to take steps to protect and care for their homes while forgetting about their vehicles. Here are four things to do with your car before you go on vacation so that it’s still running when you return.

Do a Little Basic Maintenance

No matter where you leave your car, ensure it’s at its best before you leave. Give it a good wash and detailing to prevent dirt and dust, bird feces, water spots, and other debris from sitting and damaging the finish. Check the tire pressure. When a vehicle sits for a long time, the full weight of the vehicle rests on the tires, damaging them. If possible, jack up the car so that there’s no pressure on the tires.

Fill the tank to prevent moisture from building up. Pour in a fuel stabilizer as well; otherwise, the gas will thicken and become gel-like. That’s not good for your vehicle. If you can, get someone to occasionally drive it and keep the battery charged. If not, disconnect the battery before you leave.

Leave It With a Friend or Family Member

Surely, this is one of the easiest ways to ensure your vehicle is safe. Leaving your car outside your home leaves it exposed to the weather and potential thieves. Having a friend or family member drive it to their place ensures someone is looking after it. You can also trust them to start it up and drive it around to keep things working. But don’t forget that your insurance doesn’t cover them, so ask them to be extra careful!

Find Long-Term Vehicle Storage

If you have the budget for it, and especially if your vehicle is a desirable one for thieves and joy riders, full-service vehicle storage facilities are a wise investment. A full-service vehicle storage facility can protect your vehicles, keeping them in a climate-controlled environment while monitoring the fuel, tire pressure, and other parts of the vehicle that can deteriorate over time.

Keep It Covered

Wherever you keep your vehicle, protect it with a car cover. A car cover shields your vehicle from the elements. It also keeps the finish from cracking, chipping, or fading. To prevent animal infestation, keep the space under and around the vehicle clean. Nesting materials like leaves, twigs, and such can encourage vermin to take up residence in the engine bay. Spraying peppermint oil or similar scents can also keep animals away.

Those are four things to do with your car before you go on vacation. Employ them before you hit the road to ensure your vehicle keeps running when you get back!