3 Aesthetic Ways To Cover Unsightly Pipes

3 Aesthetic Ways To Cover Unsightly Pipes
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Balancing practical architecture with a stylish interior design is one of the greatest struggles of home renovations. Pipes are a great instigator of this issue. Unless you desire an industrial interior aesthetic, exposed pipes are an eyesore, but they also play an essential, functional role—you can’t just get rid of them. No matter their placement in your space—whether they run along your walls, line your ceilings, or extend from the floor up—you can discover different ways to aesthetically cover unsightly pipes.

Install Wooden Box Beams

With just four planks of wood, you can easily and effortlessly conceal your pipes. Box beams offer many benefits that are both practical and aesthetic, providing you with the perfect solution to many renovation needs.

Installing wooden box beams into your space allows you to hide pipes and add natural, earthy elements to your aesthetic. Wood beams are much more pleasing to the eye than metal or plastic pipes. Conceal your exposed pipes with a rustic and homey wooden beam that offers functional and stylish benefits to your space’s design.

Add Plants to Your Decor

Another pipe concealment solution that brings nature into your space is plants. Whether they are hanging, sitting on the floor, or propped on a stand, plants generate plenty of foliage that can cover unsightly items. Adding greenery and colorful florals to your interior design spruces up your space with nature’s touch and hides pipes behind leaves and distracting petals.

Transform the Pipes Into Columns

If you don’t mind the shape or placement of your pipes, vamp up their look with a little paint or stick-on covers. By taking a bit of creative liberty, you can transform your pipes into columns and beams, making them better fit your aesthetic and blend with the architecture of your space. Turn the pipe’s metal or plastic material structure into faux stone, marble, or wooden columns using texture paint or peel-and-stick wallpaper covers.

Make your interiors more pleasing to the eye and say goodbye to unsightly pipes with these three aesthetic pipe cover ideas. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Work around practical architectural components with some cute interior design tricks.