Why People Feel Broken? Here Are Top 3 Reasons!

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

March 16, 2020

Are you feeling broken? Do you think everything is against you? Nothing seems to look working out for you. Now what to do and all that? Here are the top 3 reasons that will show you how and why this is so? Top 3 reasons why do you feel broken:

#1. Expectations

The main reason people feel broken is that they set high expectations from others. Keeping expectations from others’ is not that bad, but, being possessive is seriously harmful. When the expectations are not fulfilled by others you feel broken, depressed and all that meaningless stuff.

You keep expectations from yourself as well as from others. And, when you yourself or they fail to perform to your expectations you fail to cope with that and the feeling of broken hits your rib like a stone. Actually, keeping expectations and working on them is a good way to set and achieve the targets, but, it should not result in getting someone in the dark ages.

#2. Excuses

Making excuse avoid the task temporarily is a simple thing of human nature. People feel broken because they are always ready with a solution or excuse for everything that is difficult for them. Making excuse is human nature, but, with the general human nature, there comes responsibility, the responsibility of becoming the excuse house.

Making excuse not only postpones something for an unexpected period of time but also, makes you feel broken at the same time. Feeling broken in the sense, lacking motivation or inspiration to deal with. We make excuses when we are not confident enough to keep going.

If you want to remain safe from this happening stop making those unpredictable excuses. Get up, and don’t stop until it is done.

#3. Rely too much on people.

Relying on people is a normal thing in everyday life. Trusting people is a part of human nature. When you set expectations from people you start to rely on them.

If you trust too much on people, you start believing in them. But, due to any reason people fail to keep their trusty image, you start to feel broken and depressed and all that.

These three things are extremely poisonous when you are dealing with people. Feeling broken due to other behave of some other person is a common response. But, it is not necessary or expected to remain in the broken stage forever.

It is your own responsibility to think positively and bring yourself out of this situation. You were the one who put yourself in that situation and you know the cost you have paid for that. So, get up and bring yourself back from the dark future.

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