11+ Fascinating Websites For Wasting Time When You Are Bored

April 2, 2020

The internet is full of information and content, finding interesting content from this big haystack is quite difficult. Human-brain has a bad habit of stopping to work when you want it the most. There are thousands of new websites released every day, some survive the competition, some gets vanished no-where.

Some websites are seriously cool, informative and useful, which can add much value in your everyday life. In times of crisis like this when everyone is trapped in a lockdown, no-one can travel outside the home, some of these websites will help you to pass your time when you are bored.

Playing games, watching movies, tv, web series are some of the common things everyone is doing these days. But, as being human and after some period of time getting bored in a simple thing. Doing those daily things, like updating statuses, doing Tik-Tok’s, trying the same photo-poses again and again, is seriously boring.

When you are quarantined in your home and there is no chance of getting outside soon, finding interesting stuff becomes difficult. The boredom attracts more boredom. In this situation, these top 23+ websites are easy to go.


A pointless.com is an interesting website takes you to something creative and entertaining websites. Visit only when you have free time. There are so many websites in a collection some of them are fractal generators and other interactive things.


What would you do with 1,00,000 stars? Head here to experience yourself the interactive tour of space and stars. Just skip scrolling and zooming.

stars chromeexperiments fun websites to waste time on when your are feeling bored


An interesting interactive website to spend time on. You can try drawing, playing and other amazing things to pass your time on. You can try spending Bill Gates money and experience what does it feel like?

neal.fun, fun websites to spend your time when you are bored.
Spend Bill Gates Money. Fun website to spend bored time on.

And even you can draw island there.

Well, it’s animating at the time of the drawing. My drawing was insanely awkward, try your luck. I’ve not tried it on a mobile phone. Try and let me know if it works.


7,000,000,000 people are depicted on one web. It is one of kind website with a unique concept. It displays more than 7,000,000,000 people on one page. You can try counting, but be ready to spend more than 110 years to count them all, 2 persons per second average.

displays more than 7,000,000,000 people on one page

It is a perfect time to count this right now because you have quite a long lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic on over the world.


I don’t know actually, what does this Busy Bee do! You can have a look at.

Busy Bee, Honeybee, animation, BuzzyBuzz buzzybuz.biz

Installing – Please Be Patient

Please wait, the software is being installing for a long time. Interesting site just open it in your Chrome and press F11. And, see you software will start to install forever, nice trick to show people how busy you are!

I Need A Prompt

Enable or disable certain things out of this adjective, noun, adverb, verb, adjective, adjective, noun, location and press prompt button. Perfect timepass, if you like reading the stuff.

I need a prompt.
adjective, noun, adverb, verb, adjective, adjective, noun, location

Fractal Tree

In computer science, Fractal Tree is a data structure. This website is extremely awesome depicts the fractal tree sensing mouse movement.

Fractal Tree

Click the color and not the word.

Let’s play a colour game. Interesting interactive brain game to try when you have a ton of time.

Text Particles

Type the random text. Move the mouse over it. And see the magic. Try it in free time, under the experts guidance.

Text Particles, a fun game

Hacker Typer

Do you still remember once your dream was to become an expert hacker? Well, if not, just forget, it was not yours, anyway. But, this website will allow you to enjoy the perfect hacking visualization. Just do it in your school or office and impress your boss.

These 11 websites are interesting to try when you are free. It is kind of funny, but, in free time like lockdown, etc, helps a lot to pass your valuable time.

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