7 unknown facts about butterflies that are absolutely amazing

April 1, 2020

The cute little butterflies are interesting creatures in nature. Other than flying and roaming from one flower to others they do many interesting things side-by-side. That cute little creature can cause a much larger, drastic butterfly effect.

Ten unknown things are curated to make you aware of how amazing this organism is! There are estimated around 20,000 known species in the world. Out of which 1400 are from India. There are many butterflies family occur in India.

Butterflies are tiny little beautiful cute creatures on Earth. There ability to flow in the air makes them more charming. But, did you know this insect also has this and that. And many interesting things are their you may like to spend your time reading them.

Its colorful wings allow them to fly by fluttering a little by little, bit by bit. The ability to sense by touch using their feet, antennae and minuscule hairs on the body. This also allows them to sense the smell as well as protection from any possible poisonous plants.

The life span of butterflies varies from species to species. Let’s start with the 10 interesting, lesser-known, fascinating facts and information about the Butterflies.

Birth & origin:

Facts about butterflies

Did you know that these cute little insects have been living on earth for 56 million years? Oldest fossils date back to Paleocene i.e. 56 million years ago. Quite a long-stay. Though, the butterflies have strong relations with Moths actual fossils available for that approx. time.

What do butterflies eat?

Unknown facts about butterflies

The adult butterflies consume nectar from flowers using their tounges. In the Caterpillar stage, i.e., the larvae of butterflies eat all the plat substances, like, pods, leaves, flowers, tree sap and everything originated from trees that are readily available for their consumption.

Transparent Wings:

Butterflies have transparent, vibrant colourful wings
Butterflies have transparent, vibrant colourful wings

The transparent wings, that are made of extremely thin layers of a hardened protein called chitin. Chitin is a large, structural polysaccharide made from chains of modified glucose. It’s the same compound that human hair and nails are made of. (Fun trivia: Transparency reminds me of the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. Well, the wings are not invisible. Lol.)

Did you know butterflies have the ability to smell?

Butterflies can have a sense of smell. Butterflies use their legs and antennae to smell the flowers. (Fun trivia: Kinda awesome thing. Think if you want to smell a flower using your feet? Fun time. Do it under the experts’ guidance. Lol.). They have such a strong sense of smell that protects them from toxic plants.

Where do they lay their eggs?

Most lay their eggs on plants that will be readily available for Caterpillars. Maybe the reason, that to make food readily available to newborn babies from the hatched eggs.

Multiple view eyesight:

The compound eyesight of butterflies allows them to see in various directions. It consists of thousands of ommatidia, which are tiny independent photoreception units that consist of the cornea, and lots of tiny lenses, which allows us to see them in multiple directions at the same time, which is cool anyway.

Beautiful & Vibrant Colors:

Butterflies have those eye-catching vibrant colors. Did you know how did they get those colorful wings? Their colors come from chemical pigments that absorb some amount of light and some get reflected. Some butterflies get their eye-catching shades of brown from the chemical named melanin. Melanin also present in the human body which makes manages our shades of tan. The most vivid color patterns come from layers of thousands of small patches, which consist of pigments.

How little maybe but they are the part of this animal kingdom and play a vital role in the development of the environment. Even the smallest activity by them could lead to something big, as far as the theory of the butterfly effect is concerned.

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