Top 9 Skills You Can Gain While You Are Stuck In A Lockdown

March 25, 2020

Learn Web Development

Web Development

While you stuck at your home during the lockdown period due to the global pandemic, you can polish your existing or new career by learning proper web development skills.

Web development is now a hot topic on the internet. All small businesses are getting the online presence worldwide, so in these times of greater change you should consider upgrading your skills to new levels,

What can you learn in web development?

As web development is a vast field, there are so many fields that can be learned and practiced throughout the career. You can become a full-stack developer: full-stack means you are aware of the front end as well as backend technologies.

Stack, in the sense the complete set of technologies, that comes in a bundle which results in a whole application from development, deployment to the further maintenance.

Learn Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a field of computer science that can be used to make computers work understand the things either by training them explicitly based on specific algorithms i.e., supervised learning or let them learn by training themselves based on the data which is called as unsupervised learning.

Many businesses are turning to get the internet presence they ware to analyze and serve the major demographies throughout the world, for this purpose they want to utilize the power of machine learning in their everyday activities. Like, prediction and decision making, tracking the progress, deciding on investments and many more applications are there for machine learning.

In this hot era, you can take advantage of polishing your skills with the set of machine learning technologies. I highly recommend you switch your focus in learning the machine learning things, algorithms and everything that can help you in advancing the career.

Learn Python

Python is the next hot career option that can be learned and employed in order to skyrocket your career in times of crisis. You can learn Python by investing your free time which you might be wasting on social media or like platforms. Why Python is so important that you can focus your valuable resources on?

Python is used everywhere because it, is easy to use. Application development with Python is extremely easy. You can do anything in it, from simple websites to highly concentrated AI development.

  1. Web Development
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Data Science
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. IoT – Internet of Things – Connect and operate your home and business appliances with the internet. Let things operate over the internet.

Learn Graphics Design

The graphics are almost everywhere, due to the advantage of graphical content on blogs and social media the value of graphic designer is increased. Nowadays graphic designers can work remotely and as a freelancer. So, you can learn graphic design skills.

You can learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and other graphics creation tools. There are so many free and opensource software for graphics design that is quite popular nowadays, like Inkscape, GIMP, and so on.

Learn Digital Marketing

You can learn about Digital Marketing. It is the era of the Internet and digitalization. Have you upgraded yourself with today’s internet culture? Every business is getting an online presence. Crowed is increasing and now it is quite difficult to get found.

So the responsibility of Digitial Marketer has been increased. The skills are required to handle this internet marketing with ease. You have to manage the SEO, content, social media and analytics; which commonly refers to Digital Marketing.

Learn Blogging

Every business is getting an online presence, blogging is a freely available medium which can officially work as a business information system. The blogging is spreading awareness among your customers, making them know your business further, help them in making a decision, helping them to choose the best service.

You can either higher a paid blogger for your business or in times of crisis spend some time on learning the basic concepts of blogging, social media marketing and make your business more profitable.

If you an individual looking for a different career option you can learn the blogging: which involves, learning the cms system like WordPress, the content creation, writing content properly from the reader as well as search engine’s perspective, i.e. SEO.

Learn WordPress Development

WordPress development is one of the key skills in all over the world. It has career potentials in freelancing as well as a 9-6 job. You can develop and sell your own themes and plugins for WordPress. It is getting to go skill, it can be learned easily without spending much time and money.

Learn Content Writing & SEO

Search Engine Optimization and Content marketing are the next big thing in the internet world. In the competitive advertising and blogging world, it is exceptionally necessary to enhance your content writing and SEO skills. You have to write from the search engine as well as the general reader perspective.

You can learn content curation. Curating interesting stories and sharing them on social media and on your blog is good to go things to serve your audience with something new, with good publishing frequency.

Learn Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the big image search engines nowadays. People from different niches are curating different ideas on one page. You can learn different skills in order to add Pinterest to your Digital Marketing strategy. There are so many other things you can try, without burning your brains out.

Learn AngularJS

AngularJS is a web framework for artisans. Which provides industry ready things to get immediately start the application development without concentrating too much time on setting up the raw JavaScript and other front end technologies. Learning AngularJS will add an industry-standard skill in your portfolio which will enhance your chances of getting hired from the crowed.

Learn React Native

React Native is one of the most popular frameworks that can be learned in order to satisfy the industry requirement for skilled application developers. The industry is moving towards mobile and internet aware applications. React Native has both of the capabilities to serve the industry, You are strongly advised to learn and add it to your portfolio.

So these were some of the fine skills you can gain by utilizing the time period which is being wasted. Make this outbreak an opportunity to spend time with your family and learn a new skill that can enhance your career options.

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