Top 15+ Mind-Boggling Creepy Things About The End Of The World

Mind Boggling Facts About End of the World

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

March 9, 2020

Mind Boggling Facts About End of the World
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Creepy, But, Mind-Boggling Facts About End of the World

We are heading towards the end of the world. But, when would the world would end? Many civilizations throughout the world have been suggesting the possible end of the world dates. But, in reality, no one actually knows the life of the universe or its content. The end of the world’s concepts is creepy actually. Can you imagine how will be that feeling?

It all started with the big bang. There was nothing and then there was everything. And, there might not be anything after the end of the world. How scary thing is that?

“A universe that came from nothing in the big bang will disappear into nothing in the big crunch, its glorious few zillion years of existence, not even a memory.” – by Davies.

How could the world end? The man-kind has interfered so much with the natural resources that they themselves have become a threat to their own existence. What could be the possible situation or thing to make the extinguish the whole world? Nuclear warhead or man engineered disease or anything unnatural.

Even we humans didn’t skip nature, our everyday actions may be the possible cause for the end of the world. Like, the things we are doing on Earth, cutting the trees, too much utilization of land resources, reservoirs of water which could affect the nature base badly. These things finally will lead to global warming.

A lot of scientific theories describing the starting and possible end of the world, but we are here to have a look at some of the creepy facts about the end of the world. So, let’s get started.

#1. Global Warming

#2. Asteroid Collision

#3. Deadly Disease

#4. Human Made Disease

#5. Atomic Warfare

#6. Overpopulation

#7. Take over by the machines

#8. Snowball Effect

#9. Climate Change

#10. Ecological Disturbance, Degrading the living organisms

#11. Plagues or diseases with capacity to bring the apocalypse.

#12. Supervolcano Eruptions

#13. Artificial Intelligence

#14. Alien Armengedam

#15. Breakage in the Earth’s Natural Magnetic Field

There are so many things which could result at the end of the world. But, as the universe is standalone it can reborn from nothing. This creepy feeling of the end of the world gives such a heart touching chill.


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