Rs. 99 Trending on Twitter. It happens only in India.

Rs. 99 Trending on Twitter. It happens only in India.

Rs. 99 Trending on Twitter India, and it can happen only in India. Well, the reason is quite serious. Today, many of the Vodafone users got this message telling them about some deduction of the amount for their services.

Dear Customer, this is to inform you that a rental amount of Rs. 99 has been deducted towards International Roaming rental for 30 days.

Message received by Vodafone users.
vodafone twitter trends trending hashtag rs99 indiancrook factober #india #indian #trendinginindia

How could any service provider do such a thing without prior notice? May be network providers have special kinds of privileges. Whatever it may be, but, Vodafone users are in big panic and posting there concerns on Twitter. And, as we know anything that gets trending on Twitter requires a lot of buzz around the topic.

Some users tried to contact their customer care. But, as the honest part of ecosystem, they didn’t replied. As, we all know, we can’t reach the customer care, whenever we’re in strong need.

And, then the memekars came into action:

Meanwhile JIO users:

Meanwhile Vodafone users.

Well, the relatable one.


And, yes, one more relatable.

Some are playing intelligent too.

After the deduction of Rs. 99 from Vodafone users, let the trend on Twitter.

Means, seriously! In such situation where our accounts are getting down, and telecom companies are doing such unthinkable things, how could middle people will survive then. See, the Coronavirus situation, no jobs, no celebrations and now, no money.

And, one more.

Some are in worry.

Well, all Vodafone users around the country.

Is it real?

And some are in worry too. Vodafone should have told it way before.

Well, anything can happen in India. Two weeks ago we did trend Carry Minati in TikTok vs YouTube controversy. And, now Rs. 99 will enjoy the trending tag for a day or two. Whatever it may be Telecom or even other companies should inform their users before taking such actions.

Did You Know These Top 5 Amazing Facts About Google Chrome?

Did You Know These Top 5 Amazing Facts About Google Chrome?

Google Chrome made life easier. If you’re a 90s kid you may understand the situation. After the commercialization of the internet software market started to bloom.

In the late 90s, popular browsers like Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Opera, Safari earned quite a big market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was always paining in the arse. In the sense, it was a pain to design for IE.

But, due to the monopoly of Microsoft over the market IE was one of the most installed software aka web browser in the world. Even I remember how I was used to wasting a lot of time rendering a simple Google homepage. It was extremely slow and inefficient.

But, later something changed for good. Not IE, but Google Chrome. Google released Chrome which is one of the most used and best web browser software in the world.

It is every programmer’s dream. Web designers have to spend a lot of hours to make the website look good in IE, but, Google Chrome made it optional. From its inception, Google’s Chrome is one of the most used browsers.

Now, we use Internet Explorer just to download Chrome or Firefox. Though some people say IE’s new version IE Edge will change the world. But, I think Google is doing a great job, and Chrome is not going to leave us soon.

So, in every day you may have encountered with some questions on Google Chrome:

  • What are some amazing facts about Google Chrome?
  • What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?
  • Why is Google Chrome so successful?
  • What are the most useful or your favorite Chrome extensions? Why?
  • What makes Google Chrome the most popular browser?
  • How can Google Chrome be improved?
  • What are some unknown facts about Google Chrome?

All of these questions will be answered by these top 20 amazing facts about Google Chrome:

  1. You can crash Google Chrome deliberately. chrome://crash to crash the tab, about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz to crash the browser. Well, for testing purposes only, but you can prank your newbie friends.
  2. Built-in Task Manager – Google Chrome manages tabs differently. Each tab runs as a separate process and to manage it, there is this task manager available. This way even if any tab faces any technical issues other tabs don’t get affected.
  3. Google Chrome is well equipped with media support. It can handle almost all types of media smoothly. And, you don’t need specialized players like VLC, etc.
  4. You can access remote desktop inside Chrome. There is a large set of extensions for Chrome to perform different tasks at hand. This extension helps you connect to remote desktop securely. Chrome Remote Desktop, developed by Chrome Remote Desktop Release Managers. But, now this extension is deprecated. This means it’s no longer available for use. Now, you’ve replacement for accessing the desktop remotely and security – Chrome Remove Desktop.
  5. [Edit required] Load images faster on chrome: open http://chrome://flags/ and press CTRL + F and type in the field provided a number of raster threads(as shown in a red triangle).
Factober - Facts about Google Chrome - Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.png



Did You Know How Much The Most Expensive Pizza In The World Costs?

Did You Know How Much The Most Expensive Pizza In The World Costs?

Pizza is the most loved fast food. All large food chain have pizza outlets everywhere for quiz delivery. There might be any one who have heart the name Dominos in lifetime.

Fast food companies are earning millions of serving the world with veg and non-veg food items. In India, average pizza may cost Rs. 200-500 or even more based on ingredients or provider. But, if we take the world into consideration there are so many big players in the fast-food sector.

So, now we’re talking about pizza, did you know what the most expensive pizza in the world costs?

“The most expensive pizza in the world costs $12,000 dollars.”

The most expensive pizza in the world was prepared by Renato Viola for a select crowd in Salerno, a coastal city in Italy. The pizza is known as Louis XIII. Renato Viola is a proud member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team. He is well-known in the world for making the best pizzas.

Louis XIII Pizza Most expensive pizza in the world $12000 - Chef Renato Viola,1441 Pizzeria - Factober
Louis XIII Pizza Most expensive pizza in the world $12000 – Chef Renato Viola,1441 Pizzeria – Factober

Yes! The whole dollar 12,000s and Rs. 9,06,278.43 in Indian rupees at the time of writing this post. It is quite a mind-blowing amount. But, yes, this is why this Pizza holds the record of the most expensive pizza in the world.

The pizza is made with the rarest ingredients available. And, most of the ingredients are brought from  France and Italy. Your favorite pizza is made in veg as well as non-veg flavor.

most expensive pizza in the worldpizza with green leaf vegetable and sauce on brown wooden table

Even people have questions about Pizza packing. Like, why the round pizza is served in a square box. Whatever it may be people will always have doubts about everything and every time.

Louis xiii is made with very expensive pizza ingredients, this leads to those extremely high, unimaginable price. But in your everyday life, you might have thought of living your life just eating pizzas. It technically sounds impossible, but, different people from different parts of the world always keep try practicing different experiments with pizzas.

What do you think about this most expensive pizza? How often do you order pizza? Have you ever tried to make pizza at home? Are you a chef? Have you done something interesting that you want to share with us? Let’s know in the comments. Join the conversation.

Top 10 Weird, Unbelievable Facts That Will Amaze You

Top 10 Weird, Unbelievable Facts That Will Amaze You

Life is weird. Some things make sense, some things break the belief. The more you think about world, the more you get engrossed in different things thinking how weirdly they keep happening.

You may have noticed many crazy, creepy or not so common things in everyday life. But, did you know there are so many unnoticed things in the world that keep happening without disturbing your beliefs. You will not notice them normally without paying much attention.

In this post I’m sharing some of the weirdest things curated randomly. At the end of the post, I want to know your opinion on these facts. And, also I would like to know about anything, I might have missed in the post.

Top 10+ weirdest facts

So keep up with these 10+ weirdest facts about everything, chosen randomly. Don’t forget to share the post.

1. Can you survive without sleep!

How long can you go without sleep? You can survive 11 consecutive days without sleep. Yes, we humans require a certain amount of sleep every day. There is no option, and you can’t hire someone for this, it happens only in movies.

Unbelievable facts about sleep, weird facts, lesser known facts, how long can you survive without sleeping - facts by factober

2. How much time without water…

Did you know how much time can one survive without water? What happens if you don’t drink for 24 hours?

You can go without water for about a week. Although, many different things can contribute to water needs. You can’t survive much without water, because proper hydration is needed for the normal functioning.

Unbelievable facts, weird facts about water, what much time can one survive without water.

You need to consume a lot of water every day to keep your health intact. What do you think or say how long can you survive on sips of water, tell us in comments? Source: Independent, Healthline.

3. Beware Dehydration kills

How does dehydration kill you? Water makes about 55-65% of our body. But, our body requires a continuous supply of water to keep regular body functions in good condition.

Unbelievable facts, weird facts,creepy facts, how long can you survive without water? Beware, dehydration kills.

And, discontinuing the water supply in the body could actually kill you. Yes, your body functions like, normal oxygen levels, heart rates, blood flow, body temperature, blood pressure, etc will stop working normally and will result in your death. Did you know, how long can a dog go without water?

Let’s know in the comments. Source: Popsci

4. How long can you survive without air?

Did you know how long can you live without air? Yes, as a living being we’re the consumer of oxygen. You might have seen how a killer kills someone by stopping his air supply by muffling him or her for some time.

Unbelievable facts, weird facts,creepy facts, how long can you survive without air?

Actually, humans can’t survive for long without air. Without oxygen you will lose consciousness after 2 minutes. Though, many people have proved they can survive more than that, but, such things require a lot of practice.

5. A giraffe is OK with less than 2 hours of sleep per day!

A giraffe needs only a 1.9 hours about 2 hours approx sleep a day. You read it right. We, humans, need at least 8 hours of sleep for the proper functioning of our body, but our tallest brother just needs 2 hours a day.

How unfair is that, isn’t it? Did you know that weird fact about sleep? Let’s know in the comment.

6. Did you know who determines your height & weight?

There is genetics behind your height & weight. Your height is determined by your father and weight by your mother. Say thanks to them.

7. Are you right-handed?

Are you right-handed? Did you know that you will tend more to eat by your right than left? Didn’t know that? Be patient and try to observe next time when having your food.

8. Would you like to meet your doppelganger?

It is said that there are 7 people in the world that are exactly look alike. And, there’s a chance you will meet any of them in life. Chilling or surprising? Do you seriously like to meet your duplicate? But, why? What will you ask him/her? Matlab much bhi!

9. What the first thing people noticed in you?

Did you know what the first thing people noticed in you? Your shoes. Yes, more than your appearance, hairstyles and all that people judge you based on that. So, next time keep in mind when approaching your next client or a job interview.

10. Can you die from inactivity?

Well, yes! There is a greater chance of dying due to inactivity than obesity. According to the University of Cambridge researchers, about 676,000 deaths were due to inactivity whereas 337,000 deaths were caused due to overweight. So, mind next time when you are seating ideally for a longer time. Source: BBC

Here is an infographic for Pinterest.

unbelievale facts weird facts creepy facts shocking facts factober

So these were some of the weird but amazing facts. From time to time I’ll keep updating this post with new facts. If you think something is missing on the list, let me know in the comments section.

I want to know your opinion on them. Which fact do you found the weirdest among those? Join the discussion in the comments.

Top 10+ Facts About Machine Learning Every Techy Should Know

Top 10+ Facts About Machine Learning Every Techy Should Know

Machine Learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that has a lot of industrial applications in almost every field. The year 2020 AI and ML year. The industry is ready for new technologies. Data processing power is available for reasonable prices. Machine Learning’s one of the most useful computer applications these days.

factober - interesting facts about machine learning - artificial intelligence - deep learning.png

Machine Learning provides computers the ability to learn on its own, sometimes with a supervision. It is the art of making computers do what you want without programming them specifically. Let them learn and do the things on their own.

This is what artificial intelligence is all about. Machine Learning is the technology concept that will take traditional operations to new heights. Machine learning algorithms decide whether you are performing supervised learning or unsupervised learning.

factober - interesting facts about machine learning - artificial intelligence - deep learning.png

Machine Learning is the collection of algorithms that improves on their own through experience. It’s a method of data analysis that automates the analytical ability of computers. Machine Learning’s ability that allows computers to learn from data.

It can be freely available data sets, social media content, and so on. Machine Learning uses algorithms to analyze and learn from data, whereas deep learning uses algorithms to create artificial neural networks.

Facts about Machine Learning

  1. It’s all about data and algorithms. It’s the collection of algorithms whose ultimate goal is to generate more accurate and persistent results.
  2. The more the data you have the more accuracy you will get.
  3. It gives the best results when used on the same kind of data on which it was trained.
  4. If you don’t have much data, you should stick to the simple models.
  5. The data you used to train the machine learning model affects the correctness or predictions made by that.
  6. It can be biased towards the data it’s trained on. The data you used to train the models will give you the results based on that training only. More research is needed in this field.
  7. The effectiveness of machine learning depends on the quality of the data. Low-quality data will produce the worst results.
  8. Machine Learning is not going to take over the world. Though many science-fiction movies are showing how the AI will take over the world and humanity will get extinguished. But, I don’t think with current technologies it is possible. We don’t know about future advancements though.
  9. The difficult step in machine learning is transforming raw data. Sometimes inadequate data may result in inconsistent results.
  10. Did you know you use machine learning every day? Well, when you use Google search, YouTube search, Facebook, Pinterest the recommendations and results you get are actually the product of heavy machine learning processing. Have you used FaceApp? Yes, it internally employes the concept of machine learning in order to morph you into your future self.
factober - interesting facts about machine learning - artificial intelligence - deep learning.png

So these were some of the interesting things about machine learning. There are so many other. Important thing is that now-a-days many major corporations are employing AI and machine learning in their every day operations. It is the age of machines.

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