Rs. 99 Trending on Twitter. It happens only in India.

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Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

June 2, 2020

Rs. 99 Trending on Twitter India, and it can happen only in India. Well, the reason is quite serious. Today, many of the Vodafone users got this message telling them about some deduction of the amount for their services.

Dear Customer, this is to inform you that a rental amount of Rs. 99 has been deducted towards International Roaming rental for 30 days.

Message received by Vodafone users.
vodafone twitter trends trending hashtag rs99 indiancrook factober #india #indian #trendinginindia
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How could any service provider do such a thing without prior notice? May be network providers have special kinds of privileges. Whatever it may be, but, Vodafone users are in big panic and posting there concerns on Twitter. And, as we know anything that gets trending on Twitter requires a lot of buzz around the topic.

Some users tried to contact their customer care. But, as the honest part of ecosystem, they didn’t replied. As, we all know, we can’t reach the customer care, whenever we’re in strong need.

And, then the memekars came into action:

Meanwhile JIO users:

Meanwhile Vodafone users.

Well, the relatable one.


And, yes, one more relatable.

Some are playing intelligent too.

After the deduction of Rs. 99 from Vodafone users, let the trend on Twitter.

Means, seriously! In such situation where our accounts are getting down, and telecom companies are doing such unthinkable things, how could middle people will survive then. See, the Coronavirus situation, no jobs, no celebrations and now, no money.

And, one more.

Some are in worry.

Well, all Vodafone users around the country.

Is it real?

And some are in worry too. Vodafone should have told it way before.

Well, anything can happen in India. Two weeks ago we did trend Carry Minati in TikTok vs YouTube controversy. And, now Rs. 99 will enjoy the trending tag for a day or two. Whatever it may be Telecom or even other companies should inform their users before taking such actions.

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