Fastest Time To Complete Three Games Of Daruma Otoshi

Fastest time to complete three games of Daruma Otoshi Guinness World Records Facts by Factober

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July 28, 2020

Naoshi Terasawa of Japan created the record of completing the three games of Daruma Otoshi superfast in 2014. Daruma Otoshi is a Japanese game, actually,  i’s a classic Japanese folk toy. The wooden toy is made up of five stacking pieces, on top of which sits the main piece, the Daruma

The fastest time to complete three games of Daruma Otoshi is 12.80 seconds and was achieved by Naoshi Terasawa (Japan) in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, on 21 March 2014. It is a traditional game played with a daruma doll in five pieces, usually in the colors of the rainbow, from top to bottom: head. Daruma Otoshi is a Japanese cultural toy. The first part of the name “Daruma” is the name of the doll (usually the face of a angry-looking Japanese samurai-like personality.

He completed the record within 12.80 second(s)  and won the title of world’s fastest Daruma Otoshi finisher in 2014.

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