59+ Random Fun Facts About Animals That Will Make You Smile

Random facts about animals

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

April 21, 2020

The animal kingdom is so rich with billions of known of unknown species. Some of which are tamed, some of which are wild. Earth has a house of dozens of species of the same animal based on environment, seasons or many without known reasons.

Whatever be the reason our animal world is quite large and each one has something interesting about it to learn about. We’ve created this listicle to share such interesting and amazing things about our animal treasure. Have a look. Just enjoy. Have a nice read.


Did you know that the horses can sleep both the lying down and standing up positions? Also, the baby horse can run within a short period of time after its birth. They can live up to 25 years.


Cows have different divided their stomachs into four compartments which helps them in digesting their food. There are approximately 300 million cows in India.


We often see jokes and fun on donkeys and comparing a person with them, but did you know, actually they are the strong and intelligent animals? So, beware before calling someone a donkey. [Wink or fun smiley.]


Goats are the oldest animals tracing history back to 9,000 years old. It’s one of the first animals that we tamed. We can teach them their names and to respond when they’re called. Kind of a cool thing.


There are more than a billion sheep in the world, out of which China held the major share. They’ve got an extraordinary peripheral vision, which allows them to see in 360 degrees. The large and rectangular pupils allow them to scan all the sides at the same time. Cool feature. I want one.


They can sleep up to 13 to 14 hours a day. They can’t see under their nose, directly, that’s way you might have seen them moving their whole head. And of course another cool feature, they can roll their eyes up to 180 degrees.


Beaver’s teeth is one of the organ that never stops growing up, may be that’s why they always keep gnawing on woods, to control the growth, by losing some. They’re known as the largest living rodents on Earth.


There are approx 600 million dogs in the world. They possess many interesting and amazing traits over other animals. Did you know why the hell their noses are wet? Actually, those wet noses help them sensing or absorbing the scent materials. They can keep track of time. You can train them easily.


Did you know they are intelligent like humans? They take care of injured and sick companions. They’re one of the well-socialized animals, they can get depressed alone. They’ve excellent memories. They’re intelligent animals, they can learn & understand things easily. They’ve got strong teeth, that never stop growing like beavers.


Did you know, they’ve three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes to protect their eyes from sand? Their thick lips help them eating thorny plants, which other animals can’t do. Their humps do not store water but fats. When in need those fats are converted into water or food. Like rats and other animals, they’ve exceptionally social. In the wild, you can see them in groups.


See how nature works differently, on one place for camels it’s given multiple sets of eyelids and eyelashes but to snakes nothing. Snakes don’t have eyelids. They can’t bite their eatables, instead, they swallow it entirely. By the way, did you watch the Anaconda movie series? Their flexible jaws them to allow swallow the prey bigger than their heads.


The historians claim that the pigs are first domesticated 6,000 years ago. Also, see this another interesting thing, there were dinosaur pings 16.3 million years ago.

Jelly Fish

Jellyfish don’t have heart, bones, eyes & brains. Mostly, they’re made up of water and proteins.

Star Fish

The starfishes don’t have blood and brains. It’s not a fish actually. There are around 2,000 species of starfishes. They can’t survive in freshwater.


They’re boneless animals with good eyesight. Their age can be estimated by counting the rings on their vertebrae.


They continuesly keep growing throughout their life. They’re the apex predetors on earth. They’ve strong bite, but the jaw opening muscles are somehow weak.


There are more than 12,000 species of ants in the world. The sting of a bullet ant is the most painful than others. They’re the perfect swimmers. They don’t have lungs. They don’t have ears. They’ve two stomachs.


They’re the massive animals on earth. The sun bear is the smallest of a kind. Also, the sun bears have the shortest fur which allows them to remain cool in the hot forests of Asia.


They inhabit on mostly plains, but, river valleys and forests. Buffaloes are known to kill more hunters than any other animals in Africa. They can swim. They’ve smooth tongues, but some people think they’re so harsh that they can scratch off your skin out, which is of course, not true. They’ve more strength than the ox.


People think they change their colours due to their surroundings, but actually, due to moods, humidity, changes in exposure or temperature levels. They’ve eyes in back of their heads. Each eye covering 180 degrees which commonly covers whole 360 degrees. There are 59 unique species live on island of Madagascar. They love to live in warm and tropical reasons.


They belongs to the rodent family animals. Squirrels’ have around 280 species in the world. They feed on seeds, fruits and nuts. Their front teeth never stop growing which is common in all rodents.


It’s one of the big cat family animals. They can’t climb on trees. They’re faster than any other animals on land. They can gain running speeds up to 110 kmph. They don’t roar like tigers or lions. Sadly, they’re now the endangered species.


They’re intelligent animals. They’ve been observed using different tools for accessing food items. It’s also observed that they hiding food away for later.


There are 300% more chickens on Earth than humans. They’re intelligent birds, which can remember their own as well as names of other companions in the flock. Their color vision is better than human’s. They’re closest living relatives to the Tyrannosaurus rex. They love dust bath over water, that keeps them away from parasites.


There are around 264 species in the world. Monkeys’re known as new world and old world monkeys. The monkeys from Asia and Africa are known as old world monkeys, and the monkeys from America are known as new world monkeys. They’re different from apes. Monkeys have tails, but, the apes don’t. Their lifespan is 10 to 50 based on types or genres.


They can’t roar, but just purr and growl. They’re also known as mountain lions, fire cats, katalgar, panther puma. They feed on moose, horses, deers, and other animals. They can gain a speed of 35-45 mph.


More than 4,500 species of carbs on Earth. They have got an exoskeleton made of chitin, which is made up of calcium carbonate. The Pea crab is the smallest species. They’re also known as “spiders of the sear.” They have one pair of pincers and four pairs of legs.

Bonny Fish

These are the fishes made of skeletons. There are more than 20,000 species including fresh as well as salty water. They’ve their teeth fixed on their upper jaw. For protection purposes, they’ve rays of gills on both sides of their head covered by a small door.


Based on the type snails have different numbers of teeth. Some snails have more than 1,000 teeth or cutting the wood and scraping. Some species have found with more than 20,000 teeth. Those larger number of teeth rows are called Radula.


They’re the reptiles who have lived on Earth for about 245 million years. Their fossils have found on all continents. There’re around 700 known species of dinosaurs that are extinguished. Today’s, birds share common ancestral roots with non-avian dinosaurs.


They’re named dogfish due to their tendency to hunt in dog-like packs. They’re found in Atlantic and pacific oceans. Larger species of sharks, seals and whales feed on the spiny dogfishes. They feed on other fishes like herrings, jelly fishes, sea cucumbers, sand lance, molluscs, algae, squids, octopus and so on.


Male fox is called as Dog fox and female is vixen. They belong to the dog family. The different types of foxes found all over the world. They can gain speed up to 30 mph. They’re the distant relatives of the wolfs. They’re most active at night.


They absorb water through their skins. They can lay up to 4,000 eggs in frogspawn. The new layer of bones forms every year when they go into hibernation. Some frogs can jump 20 times their own weight.


They don’t drink water every day. They can gain a running speed of up to 35 mph for short distances. There’re around four species of Giraffes, the northern giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), southern giraffe (Giraffa giraffa), reticulated giraffe (Giraffa reticulata) and Masai giraffe (Giraffa tippelskirchi). The tallest giraffe in the world is recorded up to 5.9m. It can weigh up to 1900 kg. Giraffe neck has the same number of bones in the human neck.


You might’ve seen them flying in V shape, they’re the perfect social animals. If raised with other live stocks (household animals), they can easily get go rest of their life. One of the goose leads the flocks throughout the V shape flight, another one replace him in lengthy flights to manage the tiredness.


They’re the animals with human-like features, hand, legs etc. We’ve seen them in any movies. They’re quite intelligent animals which can easily learn the human sign-language. They can live for 35 years.


They’re the rodents with 18 different species. Originally found in Syria, they found everywhere in the world, from Greece, Belgium to China. They can live for 2 to 3 years. They are quite intelligent to learn their own names. Their teeth always keeps growing as like other rodents. They’re also one of the tidy animals on the Earth.


They can found in all types of waters, like salty, fresh and all. They’re omnivores and eat both types of meat as well as plants. They’re more than 4,500 species of crabs on Earth. They’ve 10-foot little animals that belong to decapods. The group of crabs is not as a cast. They communicate with each other with the help of pincers.


The Ancient Greek suggests them as the “river horse.” They can’t float and swim, they just stand on underwater surfaces. They can hold their breaths for 7 minutes. They can live up to 40 years.


They’re wasp family hornets found from Europe, Africa, North America and Asia. Though their humming seems aggressive and stingy they’re not actually aggressive at all. They contain 5 times more poison than other normal wasps.


They’re dog-like animals who survive on meats. But, they don’t belong to dog family. They found in Africa and Asia. They’ve life span in between 12 to 25 years. Actually, they’re smarter than the lions. According to a study by Duke University they’re smarter than Chimpanzees to solve a problem. They’ve better community coordination than Chimps.


These are the long bodied lizards. They can live up to 20 years, and grow their body about 6 feet long and most part of the lengthy body consists of tail part. They are the big lizards living on earth.


They use their tails to talk to each other. The oldest available fossils reveals that the black backed jackal are belong to the oldest known dog species. Also, they’re the vectors to epidemics like rabies, etc.


They belong to the cat family besides lions and tigers. They eat meat, they’re carnivores. They’re the perfect swimmers.


You can hear their roar from 8 kilometers away. They belong to the cat family. They live in groups known as pride. They’re some of the endangered species on Earth. The Gir Forest National Park in India is reserved to conserve the lion species. They can be found in grasslands.


They belong to the largest living cat family. They hunt at night. They can jump more than 5 meters in length. They live in a group known as streak and ambush. There are different sub-species of tigers the Sumatran Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger, and Indochinese Tiger. They’re the perfect swimmers and can gain speed up to 6 km.


On Earth, they move their hind legs together. In water, they can move their legs independently. They carry their young babies in their pouch on the stomach. A group of the kangaroo’s called a mob.


They’re only found in Australia. It eats so much leaves that it smells like them. They just eat Eucalyptus tree leaves. They can eat around 2.5 pounds of food every day.


They can leave their tails back to protect themselves from the predators. They can regrow it later. They’ve more than 6,000 species in the world. They can move their eyelids easily. They’re everywhere on Earth except Antarctica.


Asian Elephants are the closest relative of Mammoth. They are the largest living mammals. They found in three different categories, the Asian Elephant, the African Savannah Elephant & the African Forest Elephant. The Asian elephants


They’re known as the enemy of snakes. They’re the great snake hunters. It’s a small cat like animals. They can digest snake venom in some amount.


In Spain they are known as a little fly. And, only female mosquitoes bite. They don’t have teeth. They bite, not to harm you, but, to drink blood that helps them survive. They loves CO2, and their special organ helps them follow your CO2 source. Now you know how to avoid them.


They belongs to the deer family and may be this is why, they can run up to 35 miles per hours. They are the good swimmers. They consist large part of deer family in the world.


The sea creatures with eight hands and bulbous heads. They’ve three hearts. They’re boneless. They’ve blue blood, squirt ink to deter predators. They can squeeze into tight places.

Black Panther

Had you enjoyed Black Panther movie? They’re the good swimmers also can climb on tree easily. They’re warm blooded. They belongs to the mammals’ category. They can regulate their internal body temperature. They can live anywhere and their body can adopt to that environment, which is cool.

Polar Bear

They’ve their dedicated home in the arctic region. They’ve black skin hidden under the transparent fur. They’ve seals in their daily diets. They belong to the marine mammals’ category.


It’s bigger than a normal teddy. They can swim easily. They can climb trees. They’re some of the lazy animals on Earth, they spend most of the time sleeping. They can eat 12-38 kg’ of food per day. They can eat Bamboos for the whole day.


The meaning of the name is the “longhorn”. There’re five species of Rhinos. They can weigh over 1000 KG. Once upon a time, they’re common in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Sadly, now they felt into endangered animal groups.


Sloths are exceptionally great swimmers. Though they can walk easily on land due to weak hind legs. Nature’s gift!

The animal world is so rich in all aspects. You have enjoyed the interesting facts about animals, now share them with your friends and family. Let them enjoy the read.


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