Whatever we have in the glory of man is "away". Those are just not enough before we go "home" to the

Posted 1 year ago
Whatever we have in the glory of man is "away". Those are just not enough before we go "home" to the glory of God.
~ indonesia123
Fame Pride Home God Beauty Self Self Respect Adoration Conceit Humility Recognition Lost Ego Self Love Worship Honor Admiration Wonder Vanity Glory Blessing Phenomenon Modesty Selfishness Reputation Greatness Humble Nobility Away Enough Elegance Praise Popularity Arrogance Celebrate Gentle Self Importance Found Egocentrism Sufficient Tame Delight Acclaim Acquiescent Applaud Biddable Bless Boast Commend Compliant Conceitedness Deferential Diffident Distinction Docile Egotism Eminence Eulogize Exaltation Exaltation Of God Extol Extolment Glorify God Glorify God In Everything Glorify Self Vs Glorify God Glorifying God Glorifying God Quotes Glory Of God Glory Of Life Glory Of Man Glory Of Me Glory Of One Glory Of Self Glory Of Self Vs Glory Of God Glory Of The World Glory To God Glory To Self God S Exaltation God S Glorification God S Glory God S Grandeur God S Greatness God S Honor God S Magnificence God S Majesty God S Praise Grandeur Grandeur Of God Greatness Of God Honor Of God Hubris Humbleness Immodesty Imperiousness Kudos Lamblike Lionize Magnificence Magnificence Of God Magnify Majesty Majesty Of God Marvel Meek Mild Modest Narcissism Obedient Opulence Pay Tribute To Pomposity Pompousness Praise Of God Prestige Quotes That Glorify God Rave Renown Resplendence Self Admiration Self Adoration Self Centeredness Self Conceit Self Effacing Self Exaltation Self Extolment Self Glorification Self Glorifying Self Glory Self Glory Vs God S Glory Self Honor Self Magnification Self Magnifying Self Opinion Self Praise Self Pride Self Regard Self Righteous Self Satisfaction Self Worship Smugness Splendor Submissive Superiority Tractable Unassuming Unprotesting Unresisting Vainglory Complete Not Enough