Top 10 Interesting Quotes About Machine Learning For Techies

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Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

May 19, 2020

Machine Learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that has a lot of industrial applications in almost every field. The year 2020 AI and ML year. The industry is ready for new technologies. Data processing power is available for reasonable prices. Machine Learning’s one of the most useful computer applications these days.

Machine Learning provides computers the ability to learn on its own, sometimes with a supervision. It is the art of making computers do what you want without programming them specifically. Let them learn and do the things on their own. This is what artificial intelligence is all about. Machine Learning is the technology concept that will take traditional operations to new heights.

Machine Learning is the collection of algorithms that improves on their own through experience. It’s a method of data analysis that automates the analytical ability of computers. Machine Learning’s ability that allows computers to learn from data.

It can be freely available data sets, social media content, and so on. Machine Learning uses algorithms to analyze and learn from data, whereas deep learning uses algorithms to create artificial neural networks. There are sub-fields of machine learning Supervised, Unsupervised, Semi-supervised, Reinforcement. You choose specific based on needs.

Quotes about Machine Learning

  1. Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning  - whatever you’re doing if you don’t understand it  –  learn it. Because otherwise, you’re going to be a dinosaur within 3 years. Said by Mark Cuban
  2. Whether we are based on carbon or on silicon makes no fundamental difference; we should each be treated with appropriate respect. Arthur C. Clarke, 2010: Odyssey Two
  3. Machine learning will automate jobs that most people thought could only be done by people. Said by Dave Waters
  4. People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they’re too stupid and they’ve already taken over the world. Said by Pedro Domingos
  5. Artificial intelligence is defined as the branch of science and technology that is concerned with the study of software and hardware to provide machines the ability to learn insights from data and the environment, and the ability to adapt in changing situations with high precision, accuracy and speed. Said by Amit Ray. Source – Compassionate Artificial Superintelligence AI 5.0 – AI with Blockchain, BMI, Drone, IoT, and Biometric Technologies
  6. Cloud is the digital wonderland of Internet of Things, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Said by Enamul Haque, Digital Transformation Through Cloud Computing
  7. The only limit to AI is human imagination. Said by Chris Duffey, Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence
  8. Future Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more about human emotions, compassion, values, and the elimination of human sufferings. Said by Amit Ray, Compassionate Artificial Intelligence
  9. Artificial intelligence will not destroy this planet, irresponsible human intelligence will. Said by Abhijit Naskar
  10. Leaving society to algorithms will be like leaving healthcare to stethoscopes. Said by Abhijit Naskar, The Gospel of Technology
  11. If a machine ever gains awareness, it will be not due to our careful programming, but due to an unforeseeable anomaly. Said by Abhijit Naskar, The Gospel of Technology
  12. The reality is that AI is there to act as a supplement to human life and expand our capacities. Said by Abhijit Naskar
  13. No technology that’s connected to the internet is unhackable. Said by Abhijit Naskar, The Gospel of Technology
  14. AI can be programmed to imitate human behavior only, but it can’t be programmed to feel the emotions that make humans behave the way they do. Said by Abhijit Naskar, Mission Reality
  15. Emotional and creative intelligence: the final frontier. These are the voyages of AI. Its mission: to explore strange new emotions and creative worlds. To seek out empathy and artistic muse. To boldly go where no robot has gone before! Said by Khang Kijarro Nguyen
  16. If you read about quantum machine-learning applications that solve some conventional machine-learning problems with a fantastic speedup, always be sure to check whether they return a quantum output. Said by Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, Programming Quantum Computers: Essential Algorithms and Code Samples
  17. The future is ours to shape. I feel we are in a race that we need to win. It’s a race between the growing power of the technology and the growing wisdom we need to manage it. Said by Max Tegmark
  18. The primary aim of quantum artificial intelligence is to improve human freedom, dignity, equality, security, and total well-being. Said by Amit Ray, Compassionate Artificial Intelligence: Frameworks and Algorithms
  19. Quantum machine learning promises to discover the optimal network topologies and hyperparameters automatically without human intervention. Said by Amit Ray, Quantum Computing Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence
  20. A breakthrough in machine learning would be worth ten Microsofts. Said by Bill Gates
  21. Machine learning is the science of getting computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. Said by Sebastian Thrun
  22. A baby learns to crawl, walk, and then run. We are in the crawling stage when it comes to applying machine learning. Said by Dave Waters
  23. Web rankings today are mostly a matter of machine learning. Said by Prabhakar Raghavan

So these were some of the best artificial intelligence and machine learning quotes. What do you think? Which one is your favourite? Let’s know in comments.

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