27+ Programmer Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

May 10, 2020

Programmer humor is extremely famous on the internet. If you’re a programmer you may have experience of learning from memes rather than continuously watching videos. Meme culture is exceptionally popular due to Instagram, Pinterest, and of course Reddit.

Here are some of the best funny memes about programming.

How do you assign a value to any variable? varname = 10 or varname=10?

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How relatable isn’t it?

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A classic meme, if you’re a Java developer you may related.

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Create whatever number of objects you want. It’s the beauty of object-oriented programming languages. And, yes Python is an object-oriented programming language suitable for web development (Django, CherryPy, etc) and AI applications like machine learning, data science, etc.

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Extremely relatable!!!

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What a parcel tongue person, he is!

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I experience is every day. It’s exceptionally confusing to let us choose the color. If you’ve specific requirements kindly tell us way before the project, otherwise you will get something like this!!!

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I would recommend that IT company to hire some comp-sec specialist and do some system audit, upgrade bro!!! If he hacks you now, he will hack you always, be prepared.

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Remember 3 idiots?

This is how the computer system works in a bound rule environment. A little tampering in a code can produce something awful.


Esc + :w or esc + :wq

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the glass is half full meme-programmer memes programming memes an optimist says the glass is half-full, a pessimist says the glass is half-empty a programmer says the glass is twice as large as necessary
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Programmer memes curated for the sake of busy people who spend most of their day and night in front of their computers tapping keys. Non-programming community may not understand many of these, but a little head storm will make you laugh out loud. If you like those memes consider to share them with your friend circle.

Are you a meme creator? Do you like memes? Have got funny pics about computer humour, internet fun kindly share with us, we will definitely like to update in the post.

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