The Ultimate List of Indian Superheroes

The Ultimate List of Indian Superheroes

The list contains the Indian superheroes introduced in TV shows, movies, comics, novels & magazines, etc.
  • Shaktimaan

    Shaktimaan is an Indian superhero character introduced in the TV series of the same name. The character was played by Mr. Mukesh Khanna. In 2022 a movie of the same name has been announced.

    The role of Shaktimaan will be played by Ranvir Singh. It aired between 6 September 1997 to 27 March 2005. It was aired on Doordarshan's national television channel in India. The main characters, in the cast, include: Mukesh Khanna - Shaktimaan Vaishnavi - Geeta Vishwas Surendra Pal - Tamraj Kilvish

  • Krrish

    The Krrish character was introduced in the movie Kkrish which is the second part of the movie Koe Mill Gaya. It was played by Hritik Roshan.

There are a lot of Indian superheroes. None of the heroes got international recognition to date though. Maybe Shaktimaan will do that for us in the upcoming years.