The Ultimate List of Game Engines for Android Development

The Ultimate List of Game Engines for Android Development

When it comes to Game Engines for Android mobiles there are some requirements to be fulfilled before shortlisting/finalizing one. It is for the health of your own app.
  • Godot

    First of all, it is open-source software. You can observe, or improve its code, but, it is a secondary thing here, the main thing is that it is a free and open-source game engine so you’re saving a lot of time and money on research.

    Godot is suitable for game development because it satisfies the basic requirements or capabilities. Godot engine serves 2D as well as 3D game requirements. Android games require support for 2D sprites, tile maps, sensor usage, and so on.

    Godot Game Engine for Android Game Development


    Like others, Godot has a dedicated Physics system. The physics system has the job of providing all the physics-related capabilities to your game. To make your game behave like the real world you need to emulate real-world conditions in a programmatic manner. The physics module provides those capabilities to your software. Godot provides an intelligent physics engine as a part.

    One of the best things about the Godot engine is that you can program it in your favorite scripting language. You can choose from GDScript (Godot’s very own scripting language), C++ (The old fierce horse), and C# 8.0 (Microsoft’s swiss-knife, if you know C# join the club). Godot also has visual scripting if you’re not a fan of code.
    Godot engine projects are built around core Scenes and Node objects. It includes a visual editor for the creation and editing of these objects. The editor also features integrated editing and debugging support for the GDScript language.

Why you should start with the Game engine? Why you should not waste the time building the next engines when your goal is to develop the game? Well of course you can develop the best game engine for yourself, but, is it necessary? Are you really interested in spending your valuable resources to build what is already in the market? There are numerous reasons to not spend time on building something instead of using existing ones.

  1. The game engine saves time.

  2. It saves a lot of money if you decide to go with open-source game engines.

  3. It saves on unnecessary wastage of time in developing recurring things. It is like reinventing the wheel.

There are so many, but, we will bring you the best out of them. Here are the best Game engines for making your upcoming viral games for Android mobiles.