15+ The Most Important Life Lessons And Experiences To Live By

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

March 16, 2020

Living a great life requires sacrifice. The sacrifice of temporary happiness, the sacrifice of fake friends, the sacrifice of fake life and the sacrifice of every other thing that is unnecessarily adding one extra hop to the dead like life.

For success, you should be ready to sacrifice your most heart touching things. No one will replace your pains and sacrifices because you are the one who is responsible for your own life. If you start to rely on other people be ready to get yourself exploited.

#1. Success Has No Shortcut.

There is no shortcut to success in life. If you think some kind of magic will happen and you will get success, then you are fooling yourself, and wasting your valuable time. Get up today, start doing it. We don’t want to waste time just sitting and thinking.

A time spent by doing things irrespective of failure experiences is better than sitting in the chair and daydreaming about the success. If you want to live a life people dream for, you must act on.

In order to get success, you have to keep going irrespective of small successes or failures. The great things become great, not due to their scope, but, because of the efforts, you put on them.

#2. Make the choice

Do the right thing, even when no one is watching. Some people win, some approach the success. The real price you are paying is by doing the right thing. And, it is the law of nature the hard work pays off. One you the price you paid for being right will pay you back in the form of success.

Life is not a multiple-choice question that can be solved by choosing only the correct option. Actually, it’s a question with different choices and you are required to make the choice you have chosen right. Holding the excuses stops you from performing to the fullest. You should be brave enough to start and get going.

#3. Do the right thing, even if everyone doing it wrong.

If you have a choice, make it right. Make the right choice and be focused on the path, irrespective of possible downfalls. Be ready for challenges, because making a choice is easy, what difficult is staying focused on the path you have chosen.

You can win by following the ethical path. Because, right is right, even if thousand people doing it wrong still the right is right, it is you who to decide whether to stay on the correct path and keep going or for some temporary happiness approach the wrong path.

#4. Take responsibility

Do you want to achieve success? Do you want to feel how success tastes? Do you want to know the pain and price any winner pays for the success?

You can achieve success by taking responsibility for doing the righteous things that are necessary for achieving the goal. Stop giving excuses. If you want to become a successful person, stop assigning your responsibility to others. They will not pour their inner-self to achieve your goals, because they have their own

Accept the challenge, take the responsibility and do the right thing. You are the one who is required to take action and behave like a responsible person. Rise again! Taste the success.

#5. Start the journey, take action.

Do you want to become a successful person? Are you ready to pay the price for success, because everything has a price, if you want it, you should pay for it? If you are ready to do the necessary sacrifices for success, welcome to the league of some of the best people who believe in their wings.

Let’s have a fair game, let have the right path, we don’t have a shortcut for success. Stop procrastinating and postponing your success, you are not meant for that.

What is the most important thing for success, is to start. You will not win without moving & doing. Get up and start walking on the path that you had chosen long ago.

#6. Be focused.

Change your feelings, but, be focused on your path. Irrespective of changes, challenges, and failures keep going! Life is a journey and you should keep going. You never know how the future will shape for you.

You will get to see the results only if you follow the correct path, which you have chosen before starting everything which you are doing right now. People don’t need to know about your failures, let the success speak for you. Make the noise for you.

Everything is possible only if you avoid the distractions caused by negativity and failures and all that unnecessary crap. You are the one who has a key to your success.

If you keep yourself focused enough to the end, you are the person who deserves to enjoy the success. Trust me, it works. Be focused, keep going.

#7. Don’t chase the money.

Chase the money, the money will run, chase the success, the money will follow you. Chase your goals, take risks, don’t underestimate the power of taking risks. Money is necessary for life, but, only to some extend.

It will move your vehicle but doesn’t tell or guide you towards the things to do when you will rich to the destination. It is you and your friends and family who will be with you. One day you will have too much money, but, you will enjoy spending that money if you have someone who is there for you.

So instead of chasing for money, chase the people who will be there for you, always. Even if you don’t have money your people will make you happy and your life worth having them in your life.

#8. Keep yourself motivated.

Focus on yourself, not on others. Your success will make noise for you, not for them. Appreciate the lessons life if teaching you. So many people follow their passion, but, not all rich to the end.

Only the one approaches success, the person you took risks and kept himself motivated in the negative situations. Don’t let any non-sense full teach you how you are wrong. Tell them you are right, by doing the thing that you are believing in.

If you have a dream make it happen. Don’t let other’s make you fail. Be brave enough to keep yourself motivated on that tough path, which you have chosen for you. It doesn’t matter whether the things you were thinking before choosing the path were right or wrong, currently, you are in a mess and it is your responsibility to take your best version out from it.

#9. Have patience. Patience is the key.

The thing you are craving for is anyhow going to approach you if you always kept hoping for it. Hoping for should be backed by the actions, the risks, a lot of keep goings, a lot of unsuccessful journies. Work hard!

You don’t need to make things worse by thinking negatively or overthinking them. Change happens, be ready for it. If you are making a hurry there are no sure ways to attract success.

#10. The road to success is often less crowded.

If you want to become successful, always trust your guts. Don’t see whether the other people are following the same path or whether they are against this path or any conspiracy theories are stopping you from following this path. Actually, the path to success is mostly less crowded.

Following the crowd doesn’t me you are on the righteous path. Doing wrong by the large group doesn’t make it right, always keep this in mind.

Enjoy the journey, Enjoy the pain

#11. Always do the right.

Do the right, even if no one is watching. It defines your principles. Success doesn’t honor the unnecessary drama. Do the right thing, even if others are doing it wrongly. Doing wrong by the masses doesn’t make it righteous.

#12. Don’t let any fool demotivate you.

How to stay away from demotivators? People will try to demotivate you, will try to bring you back, will try to peep inside your personal life and exploit it. What can you do in such a situation?

Should you believe in them and bring yourself back or ignore them and rise again? The choice is yours. You should always spend time with positive people because negative people have solutions for every situation and they will stop you from doing righteous things.

The people in your life should be motivating you not draining your positive spirit. Don’t let them drain your energy and motivation. Stay focused, ignore the fools, how can you let such a fool decide what is right for you and what is wrong?

#13. Stay Away From Negative People

Keep focusing on what is right and keep doing the things that make you happy. You can not have a positive with people having a negative mindset. Surround yourself with positive people.

You are going to spend time with your friends and family, they reflect you. If you do the right things, they will follow you. You will find your best version inside them.

But, if you don’t keep yourself on the correct path, then all that reflection will get deteriorate. It is your responsibility to stop that from happening to you. Stay focused, don’t let the fool tell you that you are worthless.

You are the one who will prove them wrong. What are you going to do, whether let them win or come back in-game and win the road to success?

#14. Rise again.

People fall. People rise. People keep going. But what is the most important thing is, rising again.

Summer is awesome, once the cool weather arrives, the leaves get starts to fall. It doesn’t mean everything is over. It is a change that is happening, which will bring new and fresh leaves and will make the tree more beautiful than previously.

It is your choice whether to rise again after fall or keep fallen for eternity. You need to know the change must happen, the things you were lost were not meant for you. Rise again, you are not meant to remain in the failure.

The change is a second chance to retouch your path. You are the only one who will bring you back on the path with a double focus.

#15. Make the end worthless.

Make the end worth the sacrifice. At the end of the journey, make sure you have no regrets. Every moment you faced in the journey is a moment you lived by.

People make long journies to experience life from a different perspective. Life is a collection of memories and the things you do in the process of the journey, which is not easy to forget. At the end of the journey, you win.

You win either what you want for a long time or an experience of failure. Whatever be the outcome of your journey whether success or failure, it doesn’t even matter, because, you had already lived the life which made it worth the end.

Make sure the sacrifices you did are worth it, to live by…

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