React is a JavaScript library for building stunning user experiences. It is a free and open-source JavaScript library. It is maintained by Facebook and a large community of developers.

Creating stunning-looking websites with a killer user experience is not a simple task. React comes to the rescue over here. It provides a great number of components and features to build amazing user interfaces.

React was created by Jordan Walke at Facebook. In its initial days React was first deployed on Facebook's News Feed and later on Instagram. React was made open source in May 2013.

Facebook announced React's implementation of "React Native" in February 2015. This way React entered into the smartphone application tools market and provided support for Android and iOS platforms.

With React you can build single-page websites and mobile applications. The application created using React doesn't need to reload the page to update data present in their components or UI elements. It gives a stunningly amazing user experience and also saves a lot of bandwidth for other necessary things.