Top 10+ Facts About Machine Learning Every Techy Should Know

May 21, 2020


Machine Learning is the branch of artificial intelligence that has a lot of industrial applications in almost every field. The year 2020 AI and ML year. The industry is ready for new technologies. Data processing power is available for reasonable prices. Machine Learning’s one of the most useful computer applications these days.

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Machine Learning provides computers the ability to learn on its own, sometimes with a supervision. It is the art of making computers do what you want without programming them specifically. Let them learn and do the things on their own.

This is what artificial intelligence is all about. Machine Learning is the technology concept that will take traditional operations to new heights. Machine learning algorithms decide whether you are performing supervised learning or unsupervised learning.

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Machine Learning is the collection of algorithms that improves on their own through experience. It’s a method of data analysis that automates the analytical ability of computers. Machine Learning’s ability that allows computers to learn from data.

It can be freely available data sets, social media content, and so on. Machine Learning uses algorithms to analyze and learn from data, whereas deep learning uses algorithms to create artificial neural networks.

Facts about Machine Learning

  1. It’s all about data and algorithms. It’s the collection of algorithms whose ultimate goal is to generate more accurate and persistent results.
  2. The more the data you have the more accuracy you will get.
  3. It gives the best results when used on the same kind of data on which it was trained.
  4. If you don’t have much data, you should stick to the simple models.
  5. The data you used to train the machine learning model affects the correctness or predictions made by that.
  6. It can be biased towards the data it’s trained on. The data you used to train the models will give you the results based on that training only. More research is needed in this field.
  7. The effectiveness of machine learning depends on the quality of the data. Low-quality data will produce the worst results.
  8. Machine Learning is not going to take over the world. Though many science-fiction movies are showing how the AI will take over the world and humanity will get extinguished. But, I don’t think with current technologies it is possible. We don’t know about future advancements though.
  9. The difficult step in machine learning is transforming raw data. Sometimes inadequate data may result in inconsistent results.
  10. Did you know you use machine learning every day? Well, when you use Google search, YouTube search, Facebook, Pinterest the recommendations and results you get are actually the product of heavy machine learning processing. Have you used FaceApp? Yes, it internally employes the concept of machine learning in order to morph you into your future self.
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So these were some of the interesting things about machine learning. There are so many other. Important thing is that now-a-days many major corporations are employing AI and machine learning in their every day operations. It is the age of machines.

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