How To Start An Amazingly Successful Blog In 2020?

Blogging in 2020

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

March 17, 2020

Web 2.0 is now, and the blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and content marketing are the important components of digital marketing in 2020. Blogging is an extremely powerful yet elegant tool that can play a vital role in the success of any business. Do you know you can boost your digital marketing strategy by using proper blogging techniques?

You can start your blog is easy simple steps.

1. Decide on a topic.

Blogging is a simple yet complicated thing to practice. But, the results are quite positive, so any business interested in digital marketing strategy should focus on blogging.

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The first step when blogging is deciding the topic or area to cover in a blog. A wide variety of content available on the internet, you are entering the ocean of enormous content, so deciding on a proper topics is very necessary. Decide which topic to write and create content about, then and then move forward.

There are thousands of topics in the market, from food recipes to travel and tourism everything is possible. If you are a car lover you can choose a topic relating to cars, like the maintenance of cars, industry updates, automobile or car reviews, etc. If you are into fashion and lifestyle you have an extremely large market, because most of the younger population is on the internet.

2. Pick a name.

Pick a suitable name for your blog, people will remember that name, so choose the related one, self-describing. You can search the web for inspiration, the best way to come up with the name is, go to the domain registration providers, there they have a name suggestions tool integrated into domain search. You can put the keywords relating to your topic and the service will suggest the possible name combinations for your blog.

3. Pick a web hosting.

Once you choose a name for your blog, the next step is where to host the blogging software? You can use existing free blog hosting services like Google’s, WordPress’s, or Tumblr. Or you can go with commercial or paid hostings, the choice is yours.

One note on free hosting, why you should avoid the free hosting? Free web hosting reduces your customization options. You are required to follow the strict guidelines by the provider, you easily can not change the look and feel of your blog. Of course, this is going to affect your blog in a bad way.

For non-commercial blogging, free hosting is no problem, but, for commercial blogging you should choose the best platform. Like,, TypePad, or your own server/VPS.

4. Set up a blogging software.

So you have purchased the proper web hosting service and now you are ready to setup then blogging cms. WordPress is the most popular content management system for your blog. It is based on PHP – a scripting language for server-side programming. It has everything ready for launching a perfect blog and also tons of useful plugins adds any functionality you think of.

WordPress is extremely easy to set up and get started.

Important things to keep in mind before starting posting to the blog are: setting up the proper look and feel and other functionality life automatic sharing on social media, etc. There are thousands of free themes are available on the WordPress theme marketplace.

If you are a serious blogger you should consider investing in a commercial theme. Because with the professionally designed theme all necessary things are bundled and elegancy adds some value in retaining the readers and making up the brand. You can purchase the best WordPress themes from any popular marketplace. It is extremely easy to set up and get a start.

5. Write a post.

Now you have your blog ready with all necessary functionality and primary setups, like the theme, plugins, and other optimizations. Now its time to get started to write. Writing for the internet has its own rules and regulations because you have to write for people as well as social media and search engines. Your focus should be on creating engaging content that are easily shareable.

You may face many challenges if you have not prior experience in writing for the internet. But, have patience with the experience you will master the art of writing. The most common problem in blogging in facing writer’s block.

The writers’ block is the condition where the writer doesn’t feel motivated or he can’t flow with the writing. This can happen for newbies as well as for pro-bloggers. But, no need to worry, it is common and can be easily cured, by following proper editorial calendars and templates and good planning.

The important rule of blogging is to get start writing.

6. Promotion

Once you create your first post the next job is to bring the audience. There are so many ways to promote the post and bring the readers. You can share it on social media platforms like, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Telegram. You can even promote by targetting the guest blogging platforms.

Blogging in 2020
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Blogging in 2020


To conclude the article I would like to suggest you follow the steps mentioned above. After some time with some experience, you will be able to understand does and don’ts of blogging. What is necessary and what can be avoided? With the experience, you can gain more exposure. The most important thing above all is to get a start. Once you start you will see the right path.

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