How To Avoid The Corona Virus Infection?

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The virus Covid-19 has been continuously terrifying the world. All small, as well as large countries, have found some of the infection cases. Though death rate is not large as compared to infection it is our responsibility to keep ourselves from getting infected.

How To Avoid The Corona Virus Infection?

You should take care of yourself and your family. In order to prevent the possible infection, you should change your current routine, not for forever but at least till the primary measures against the Coronavirus are found.

COVID-19 is an illness that causes problems in the lungs. So, what best practices can you follow to avoid the possible infection?

#1. Avoid public gatherings

The coronavirus can transfer from person-to-person easily. So, you should avoid unnecessary public gatherings. It spreads from people in close contact with each other within about 6 fits. And, also, through the respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

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Generally, you must avoid going into public places, but if it is extremely necessary such gatherings, then protect yourself using proper masks. Large gatherings like DJ nights, crickets, IPL seasons, etc, though entertaining you should avoid at least till the new Coronavirus gets the proper research.

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly you may get in contact with the infection. So, take care.

#2. Be safe at the home, no need to make unnecessary travels.

Make yourself safe from COVID-19, affected by Coronavirus. Be safe, stay at home. Follow the necessary precautions.

Office culture has been in the world for a long time, but nowadays everything is being shifted from office to home. You can use your place to perform office work. This will protect you, your family, your company as well as your society. So, be safe. Stay at home. Work can be done from anywhere possible. Follow the work from home routine for some time. Everything will be alright.

#3. Maintain Hygiene

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Wash your hands with water, soap or a good sanitizer quite often. Don’t touch unnecessary objects in public places. Make sure the mask you are using is clean. Always wash your hands whether you are in-home or at the office. Cover your mouth and nose with the proper mask to avoid getting in contact with coronavirus infection. And, the most important avoid getting in contact with the ill person.

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At last, you are now safe. But, what if you are infected or seeing the signs of infection? Follow the precautions, eat proper food, use masks and stop further spreading the infections. Be a responsible citizen. Finally, share this article to make people aware of the COVID-19 [caused by Coronavirus].