How Long Can You Go Without Sleep?

Can you survive without sleep? The answer is yes. And, the constraint is, not much.

This is not clear yet how much time it takes to make things weird. But, within 36 hours period of time, you will definitely get your first wave of weirdness.

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How Long Can You Go Without Water?

Did you know how much time can one survive without water?

What happens if you don’t drink for 24 hours?

You get a whole week before something undesirable happens. You can go without water for about a week. Although, many different things can co
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Did You Know Your Brain Doesn't Die With You?

The human mind and consciousness are close things. The human brain controls the whole body when you are alive. After death, you’re on auto-pilot. Read this creepy fact about the human brain and don’t forget to share.

The human brain continues work
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Did You Know The Human Body Decomposes Faster In Water Than On Ground?

The future of a human body in water can’t be understood beforehand. There are a lot of researches has been conducted on carcass decomposition and insect colonization in a variety of terrestrial habitats worldwide.

Factors affecting decomposition i
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