Top 13 Interesting Facts About Universe You Should Know About - Top 10 Fun Facts About Universe You Should Know About

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July 26, 2020

Interesting Facts About Universe - Top 10 Fun Facts About Universe You Should Know About NASA
  1. The universe is infinite and constantly expanding.
  2. The giant, spinning storms on Neptune are big enough to swallow the whole Earth. Not funny, actually.
  3. Space is totally silent. There is no atmosphere in space so no sound can pass anywhere. Don’t get confused, astronauts use radios to communicate with each other.
  4. Actually, nobody knows how many stars are there in the galaxy, not even NASA.
  5. The footsteps on Moon can stay there for at least next 100 years. There is no environment so no movement. There is no wind, no water, nothing which can tampered with your footprints.
  6. NASA spends a lot on space suites. NASA space suit costs the whopping $12,000,000 each.
  7. The Pluto is actually smaller than the entire United States.
  8. The Moon is drifting away from Earth. Not funny. Scariest actually.
  9. Jupiter’s red spot is shrinking. It is nothing but a giant spinning storm. It is now shrinking in such a size that it can gallop just one Earth. Before some it could have galloped three whole Earths.
  10. The world’s first black-hole photograph is three million times larger than the Earth. This happened in April 2019. It just shows the halo of dust and gas.
  11. There is a supermassive black-hole at the heart of each galaxy. Even our milky way has its own personal one.
  12. Galaxies are illuminated by the black holes at their centre.
  13.  Active galaxies exerts 100 times more light than the normal ones. With the discovery in 1963 of quasars, it was clear that the light comes not from stars but from a central region smaller than the Solar System.

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