Did You Know How Ants Communicate With Each Other Effectively?

Written by Vishal for Factober


September 6, 2020

Do ants talk?

Ants are the highly social insects. And the reason is they have the ability of effective communication. They’ve use chemical language to talk with each other. How do ants talk to each other? 

Ants are observed to be investing in crops. Means, they’re the strong competitors to humans. They communicate, they grow crops, they form the colonies.

And, in order to manage such things, important prerequisite is the talking, chatting and the effective communication. 

They’ve well organized societies where you can observe the division of labour, communication between ants and the abilities to solve the complex problems. They communicate with each other using chemicals, sounds, and touches.

You might have observed them touching their antennae to each other. The ants perceive smells with their long, thin, and mobile antennae. This is how they exchange the information. By sensing the smell using their antennae.

The red harvester ants use pheromones to pass the chemical signals.

“Slave-maker ants of the Formica sanguinea group direct their raids by means of odor trails. Artificial trails made from whole-body extracts and extracts of Dufour’s glands and hindguts can be used to guide columns of workers to selected target colonies and to initiate raids.” Source: Chemical communication and “propaganda” in slave-maker ants by F E Regnier and E O Wilson.

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