On The Occasion Of The International Cats Day Read These 20 Interesting Facts About Cats

On The Occasion Of The International Cats Day Read These 25 Interesting Facts About Cats Animal Facts by Factober

Written by Vishal for Factober


August 8, 2020

First of all Happy International Cats Day!

On the occasion of international cats day, we’ve decided to share some of the interesting facts about your beloved cats. If you’re an avast cat lover and you think that something should be added to this list, please interrupt us in the comments section. If you’re a cat blogger we’re seriously interested in your blog, please share about it in the comments section.

And now without further ado let’s get started with 20+ interesting facts about cats.

 First of all Happy International Cats Day Interesting Cat Facts by Factober

38 species of cats on the planet Earth.

If you’re avide cat lover and you always search for this, “Did you know how many species of cats are there in the world?” question on Google, then be assured, this list has an interesting answer for you, and its’ 38.

Yes, there are about 38 cats species on the planet earth, I don’t know about rest of the universe, I’ve never been there.

And, did you know these 38 species apart from cats includes, the Lions, the tigers, Leopards, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Lynx, and so on. See how big family she has. So, never mess with her.


38 species of cats on the planet Earth. Cat Facts by Factober

How Many Cats Are There in The World?

As a serious cat explorer your second question will be, “How many cats are there in the world?” And, the answer is between 200 millions to the 600 millions. Yes, that’s true.

There are 7 continents and about 200+ small to larger size countries, how can one keep track of them? But, as a rational human being we can certainly conclude that there are about 200-600 millions of cats in the whole world.

And, of course, as usual we don’t know how many cats are there on the planets other than the earth, we’ve never been there. If you’ve been ever, please enlighten us in the comments section.

How Many Cats Are There in The World Cats Facts By Factober

Did You Know The Cats Always Land on Their Feet?

Whatever may be the circumstances they always land of their feets, and it’s not their choice, but a physics. And, this unbelievable landing technique is called as the righting reflex.

The cats can align themselves the right way in between the flight. In this work, their low body to weight proportion helps quite a lot.

Because, of this perfect ratio they can control their velocity on the way.

Did you know this fact before this post? Did you ever come across question, “Do cats always land on their feet?” Please tell us in the comments section. We’re waiting for your reply

Did You Know The Cats Always Land on Their Feet Cat Facts By Factober

Did You Know How Many Years Do Cats live?

As a beloved cat owner you may have felt an anxiety thinking about the life-span of your cat. But, did you know actually, how many years do your beloved kitties live? The answer is your home cats can live for more than 16-17 years. Your care and protection protects them from getting exhausted. Wild cats live for about 2-5 years. Quite a risky life.

Did You Know How Many Fingers (Toes) Does Cat Have Cat Facts By Factober

Did You Know How Many Fingers (Toes) Does Cat Have?

I know you’ve the perfect knowledge of this. But, still as a matter of fact, they’ve 18 toes. The front claws have 5 and back ones 4.

Some cats may not adhere to this rule, they may have more or less than that. We never play with nature, but nature does with us, I mean with the cats.

Do you have ever came across a cat with an extra toe on its front claw? Well, this is called “Polydactyl cat”.

How many toes does your cat have? Tell us in the comments section. 

 Did You Know How Many Fingers (Toes) Does Cat Have_ Cat Facts By Factober

Why Are Cats Noses Wet?

Did you know the answer? Well, let’s have it here. As you know cats come in all shapes and sizes and with some added features.

They’ve also have this mesmerizing ability to adopt with the surrounding nature. Temperature and humidity plays the important role here. It decides whether the nose should be dry or wet?

Or what to what extend? Apart from this, there are some other reasons too. Did you ever notice your cat always keeps grooming, i.e., cleaning itself whole day?

I think you’ve got my point. Well, it’s in the general. But, sometimes, it can be caused by some other reasons, like, they might be feeling unwell.

They’re tricky animals to guess about, you should use your expert opinion to decide whether it is normal or they’re in danger.

Why Are Cats Noses Wet? Facts by Factober

Did You Know Cats Bodies Are Immune To Falls?

In ordinary course of life you may have noticed your cat falling from extremely high places, without causing any damage? Well, your artifacts could’ve. But, cats survive falls.

And, the reason is their innovative body structure. Cats have relatively bigger surface area as compared to their body weight, due to which the force gets reduced with which they hit the ground.

In fact no. 3, we’ve already told you the dynamics behind the cat landings. According to the scientists, from the moment they’re in the air to the instant after they hit the ground, cats’ bodies are built to survive the high falls.

Did You Know Cats Bodies Are Immune To Falls Cat Facts By Factober

Did You Know There Was A Grumpy Cat?

Unfortunately she is no more. She died at the age of 7 in 2019. She was an American internet celebrity. We’ve already covered hundreds of Grumpy Cat Memes in our previous posts. Just search for factober grumpy cats and you will find a lot of them. She was known for her permanently grumpy face

Grumpy Cats Memes

House Cats Are 95.6% Tigers.

The house cats shares 95.6% tiger genomes. 

Cats are nearsighted.

Cats can see nearsighted objects, but, are bad at longer. To substitute for that their peripheral vision is quite perfect.

Cats Can Jump 6 Times Higher Than Their Length.

Due to natural body structure, they can jump 6-8 times more than their length. Powerful muscles in back legs help them gain the necessary torc.

Cats Can't Climb-down Trees Head-First

Cats’ claws are curved downward. So, they can’t climb-down the trees head-first. They’ve to back-down the trees.

Cats' Collar Bones Don't Touch To Other Bones

Cats’ bones are buried in their shoulder muscles so they can’t  touch to other bones.

Cats Have 230 Bones.

Quite a complicated machine. Human body has only 206 bones whole cats inspite of being small have more number of bones.

Cats Have An Extra Organ To Taste The Scent.

They’ve an extra organ that allows them to taste the scent in air. You might have noticed them starring in certain direction for sometime without doing any special thing.

Cats Make Less Noise When Walking Around

The thick, soft surface area (pads) on their paws allows them to walk around or sneak on prey easily.

A Cat's Tongue Feels Like Sandpaper.

They’ve hard, backwards-facing spines on their tongues. Their rough tongues can clean the mutton on bones with just a simple lick.

Male Cats Are Left-Pawed and Female Cats Are Right-Pawed

Male cats are tends to be left-pawed whereas female cats are tend to be right pawed.

Cats Sleeps 12-16 Hours A Day.

Cats spend most of their time sleeping. According to, The Huff Post they spend at least 12-16 hours every day. Maybe remaining time is reserved for hunting and grooming.

Did You Know Why Do Cats Vibrate?

When air is pushed through your cat’s voice box, it causes the bone to vibrate, releasing that unmistakable sound. (Source: CatSter) Another theory is that the purr is caused by rapid twitching of the muscles in the larynx. A buzzing hum results from the harmonic air vibrations.

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The International Cats Day Interesting Facts About Cats Facts By Factober
Animal Kingdom Happy International Cats Day Fun Facts About Cats Facts by Factober Animal Facts


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