Did You Know These Top 5 Amazing Facts About Google Chrome?

Did You Know These Top 5 Amazing Facts About Google Chrome?

Written by Vishal Bandre

Computer Engineer, Founder Factober Blogging Network.

May 30, 2020

Google Chrome made life easier. If you’re a 90s kid you may understand the situation. After the commercialization of the internet software market started to bloom.

In the late 90s, popular browsers like Netscape Navigator, Firefox, Opera, Safari earned quite a big market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was always paining in the arse. In the sense, it was a pain to design for IE.

But, due to the monopoly of Microsoft over the market IE was one of the most installed software aka web browser in the world. Even I remember how I was used to wasting a lot of time rendering a simple Google homepage. It was extremely slow and inefficient.

But, later something changed for good. Not IE, but Google Chrome. Google released Chrome which is one of the most used and best web browser software in the world.

It is every programmer’s dream. Web designers have to spend a lot of hours to make the website look good in IE, but, Google Chrome made it optional. From its inception, Google’s Chrome is one of the most used browsers.

Now, we use Internet Explorer just to download Chrome or Firefox. Though some people say IE’s new version IE Edge will change the world. But, I think Google is doing a great job, and Chrome is not going to leave us soon.

So, in every day you may have encountered with some questions on Google Chrome:

  • What are some amazing facts about Google Chrome?
  • What are some mind-blowing facts about Google?
  • Why is Google Chrome so successful?
  • What are the most useful or your favorite Chrome extensions? Why?
  • What makes Google Chrome the most popular browser?
  • How can Google Chrome be improved?
  • What are some unknown facts about Google Chrome?

All of these questions will be answered by these top 20 amazing facts about Google Chrome:

  1. You can crash Google Chrome deliberately. chrome://crash to crash the tab, about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz to crash the browser. Well, for testing purposes only, but you can prank your newbie friends.
  2. Built-in Task Manager – Google Chrome manages tabs differently. Each tab runs as a separate process and to manage it, there is this task manager available. This way even if any tab faces any technical issues other tabs don’t get affected.
  3. Google Chrome is well equipped with media support. It can handle almost all types of media smoothly. And, you don’t need specialized players like VLC, etc.
  4. You can access remote desktop inside Chrome. There is a large set of extensions for Chrome to perform different tasks at hand. This extension helps you connect to remote desktop securely. Chrome Remote Desktop, developed by Chrome Remote Desktop Release Managers. But, now this extension is deprecated. This means it’s no longer available for use. Now, you’ve replacement for accessing the desktop remotely and security – Chrome Remove Desktop.
  5. [Edit required] Load images faster on chrome: open http://chrome://flags/ and press CTRL + F and type in the field provided a number of raster threads(as shown in a red triangle).
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